President Chump Going To China

I see where President Chump is making an official visit to China next week. He will never admit it but I know he is kinda intimidated by President Xi Jinping so he is taking a bunch of people with him to back him up and to have them tell Xi just what a great president the US now has.  I’m sure he will also let  him know that is he much smarter than Xi so don’t try to pull anything over on him.

I don’t know what the “official” purpose of the visit is but I’m pretty sure the de facto reason is to turn over the world leadership to China. President Chump knows he doesn’t have the desire to handle all the messes in the world today and he has no plans for Middle Eastern Chump Towers so why even bother with that part of the world. But he stands by ready to give Xi any of his wise advice he might need.

2017-10-23_11-06-45.pngPresident Xi is more than willing to take the world leader handoff. As far as he is concerned the US has had that title way too long so it’s time for China to take over now.  I also see that 2018 is  the year when China takes over as the biggest annual GDP so maybe the world leadership role is now an appropriate one.

I know President Chump really wants to make a deal with Xi. Since his advisors tell him that China is so good at making walls maybe he can get them to build one for us and they pay for it.  So many possibilities for this upcoming visit…

2 thoughts on “President Chump Going To China

  1. The Orange One is the worst thing that ever happened to this country, but those who still rabidly support him and are enthralled with Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are truly the reason we are heading downhill in the fast lane with no Uturn in sight.


    1. Mary, I’m not sure what the “Orange One” means but you must remember that Chumsters only make up about one fourth of the voting electorate. The reason he is in office are those were just didn’t want Hillary. I was one of them to a degree. The second and most prominent one is that too many of us who knew what this guy was just stayed home a year ago. I hope that mistake teaches us a lesson for future elections.


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