Other People’s Dreams..

This is going to be one of those philosophical posts so hang on to your hat.  I have always been a dreamer. For the most part I didn’t imagine that my lofty dreams would ever come true and for the most part, they didn’t. 🙂

2018-01-23_19-59-02.pngWhen I was young my dreams were often a result of the many fictional books I read. My favorite authors during those years were John Steinbeck and Jack London. These two guys took me to places I never knew existed and to people very different from me. When I got a little older I started dreaming about what I might become when I grew up. My first infatuation was with astronomy. I read everything understandable for a young teenager about the topic.  A friend of mine gave me his old copies of “Scientific American” and I devoured them. I also read autobiographies of people like Einstein, Jefferson, and Edison. They inspired me but I never dreamed that I could be like them. My self-esteem was just to low for those lofty goals.

The point I want to make with this post is that when we are young and have limited experiences we usually dream other people’s dreams. As we get older we try to make up dreams of our own. It is at that point that too many of us fail ourselves. We sometimes dream too small.  Unfortunately, that tragic beginning is also often the end for too many of us.

Too few of us think of ourselves as being the person who finally discovers the root cause of cancer. Too few of us dream of solving the potentially tragic results of global warming.  And maybe as a country, it is tragic that too few of us dream of becoming representative of the people.  Those jobs are now to be avoided or left to those power seekers among us.

Dreaming too small, or tragically not dreaming at all is often the fault of parents who don’t challenge their kids to greatness. Sometimes just the right teacher comes along to take replace the parent’s responsibility but too often they are not there.

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