There is just something about small-town facades that fascinates me. It is probably because of the symmetry and patterns.  I am currently working on a photo collection that will soon be available in the “Photo Collections” pages in the header above.  This one was taken recently in Rockville Indiana.

One thing unusual about this photo is that none of the windows above the store are boarded or bricked up. I imagine all of them are occupied as apartments.  Rockville is in the middle of “covered bridge country” and has a huge fall festival around them.

Rockville IN.jpg


  1. Hi RJ,

    Ever been to Huntington IN, about 20 miles SW of Fort Wayne? I did a class there last July, and stayed in an 1859 B&B run by the mayor and his wife. What a nice place, and what nice people. A lot of remodeling downtown — your pictures made me think of it.

    I enjoy your blog. Keep it up — rant and all! Best regards — Daryl


    1. Hi Daryl and thanks for the compliments. I go to Ft. Wayne annually to get my supply of kosher dilled green tomatoes from Sechler’s Pickles. I am addicted to them. (ha).

      I will make sure to stop in Huntington on my trip there this year. It is nice to see town celebrating their pasts instead of tearing everything down.


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