Coping With Dissappointments


I know the quote above from Will and the title of the post seem kinda disjointed but hear me out before you pass judgment. 🙂 I have always been a dreamer in life. One of my favorite things in my youth was to lay back on the lawn on a clear night and gaze unendingly at the stars and dream of what my future life would be about. I had high expectations in those years.

IMG_0187I was abruptly introduced to the idea that your dreams and expectations are never as good as you hope or as bad at you dread.  Marriage is a compromise between two people of different personalities and desires.  It is not a “happy ever after” state as many, including myself, dreamt it to be. I and my future wife were both over forty and unmarried so we had developed our own methods of living and coping with life. After the honeymoon, we would eventually clash on many subjects.  Marriage was just not what we expected. But since we have survived over thirty years now in that state I guess we are a success at least on some level and our expectation and reality are now more aligned.

Politics is another matter. It has gotten to the point where a politician can outright lie to our face and not have to suffer any consequences. Some call our current political environment the “Post Truth Era”. I hope there comes a day where I can once again have high expectations about those I  vote for.

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2 thoughts on “Coping With Dissappointments

  1. I get it totally about marriage…been there…done that.
    And politics…I feel politicians never live up to expectations because they are in it for themselves, not the citizens. And currently we have that in the extreme, to the point it could become dangerous and do permanent damage.

    And the expectations we have of our fellow man is faltering as well. We expect them to vote and use decency, logic and reason in who they vote for…not happening.

    And those that are truly religious, expect their churches to show kindness, inclusiveness and caring for all people and to want to take care of our planet and not to promote someone who so defiles these ideals in pushing hate, racism, greed and intolerance.

    Nature will not let you down, nor will a good pet.


    1. I don’t want to put everyone in the same basket, Mary. I still think that there are politicians out there that are doing it for the people who put them there. Should I dare say at Elizabeth Warren is one of them? Yeah, most if not all the news is about those who are on a power trip. Of course, #CO3 is at the top of that list. We just don’t hear from those who are doing their day to day job looking out for us.

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