Sometimes Necessary, But Never Celebrated…

I am a pro-life person in all regards. I totally believe that all human life is sacred. One of the ironic things about some people is that while they detest some forms of the taking of human life, mainly fetuses, they celebrate killing in too many other circumstances. I am pro-life in all regards.

2018-07-01_17-04-02.pngWe in the USA just seem to be a very belligerent people if you ask me.  We teach our children at a very young age that killing another person is just part of life.   They are bad guys who need to be exterminated. We indoctrinate them with video games and movie and TV shows that celebrate violence. We are a country primarily identified by the wars we have entangled ourselves in.  I don’t celebrate Memorial Day but I do mourn those killed by our government who sent them into one unnecessary conflict after another. They always say that the young soldiers who are sacrificed are giving us our freedom, but there is no war in my lifetime that I see worth the cost of a single human life.  I am pro-life in all regards.

2018-07-01_17-04-32.pngYes, maybe in some circumstances, as in the case of WW II,  killing is necessary but it should never be celebrated. The last thing we should want our children and grandchildren to be when they grow up is a pawn in hands of those who see war as the only answer in far too many circumstances.  I am pro-life in all regards…

If you want to see evidence of how we think about killing from the rest of the world, just compare our TV shows to those on BBC. The difference in the level of violence is overwhelming.

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes Necessary, But Never Celebrated…

  • Yes, as a big fan of British TV, the difference is why I choose them over most American TV, not to mention better character development and “real” looking people.

    Have you also noted that many of the video games, movies etc. here, throw in sexy scantily clad women? It think this is a subtle connection done on purpose to attract young boys and some not so young, to these violent video games.

    And our movies and some TV shows throw in more blood and guts than one human could produce.

    I think it’s to promote aggressive tendencies to ensure a steady stream of military minded young men who have been pre conditioned to violence and the false notion of the necessity of war. War generates a lot of money and control. It’s an old story.


  • I also favor British shows like Mary…Acorn is my most used channel via AppleTV, and of course PBS. I especially like the way the actors don’t look like Barbie and Ken dolls….all facelifts, body enhanced, tightly clothed “pretty people”. They are, for the most part, “real” looking and more interesting people. And there is far less shooting and gore when the plot is more intellectual. Love the old folks who become the most endearing characters. The British and also Australian and Scandanavian productions are just better…smarter…and far more interesting than most of the American shows and movies. Of course, there are always exceptions, but this is my preference. 🙂

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    • Hi Jane, and welcome to RJsCorner. We pretty much mirror each other when it comes to this topic. Yes, there are some good American shows but on a show-by-show basis, I think the Brits just do a better job. They don’t need to kill someone every 5 minutes to make it interesting.


  • Another fan of British TV shows here. The quality of the programming coming from the traditional American networks should be an embarrassment to their respective programming departments. My main beef with the Brits is that many of their shows (“Doctor Who” aside) don’t tend to last more than a season or two.


    • I agree Page 48, but there are some high-quality shows coming from the American venue that have a pretty broad spectrum. Initially, I didn’t like “Mom” but now it is one of my favorites. That group of women seems to click very well. Grey’s Anatomy- still a favorite for me. American Experience is a long time favorite. Some of the new shows include Bull and For The People.

      Yeah, British TV tells the story and then moves on to something else. No time to appreciate the characters. Doc Martin is an exception.


  • Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. Perpetuating military conflicts around the world and selling weapons is a major part of our economy. Convincing Americans that it protects our freedom appears to be fairly easy. It would also appear that the majority of Americans are not bothered by this. I have always wondered if we had gotten our freedom peacefully, as Canada and India did, what the affect would have been on our national personality. I hope you don’t mind but I attached a link to an article on Ron Paul’s website that makes a similar case as yours concerning the military and freedom.


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