End of Life Trauma Part 8 – Hospice (continued)

These next two post in the series will probably be the most difficult to write. But they were also the time I came across the most empathic person I have ever known. I finished off the last post on this End-Of-Life Trauma series by telling you that my wife was being kicked out of the Hospice House because she was not dying fast enough. Of … Continue reading End of Life Trauma Part 8 – Hospice (continued)

About Aspies & Narcissism?

I think it is time for another Aspie lesson on RJsCorner. This one is a very basic question Are Aspies Narcissists? One Aspie characteristic that I have in spades is I take things much more personally than NTs. I should probably stop here and explain NT. Those with Aspergers are considered more “neurodiverse” than much of the general population. To signal that difference people without … Continue reading About Aspies & Narcissism?

Excessive Individualistic Culture?

As usual David Brooks of the New York Times and PBS Newshour spurred this post by his words below This is a hard, exhausting time. But it’s also a pivot point. An idealistic generation is rising on the scene hungering to fill the spiritual vacuum their parents left them. There is a palpable desire for solidarity, to shake off an excessively individualistic culture. For those … Continue reading Excessive Individualistic Culture?

I Am A Rock, I Am An Island, I Am An Altruist

Because of my Aspie traits I have lived a good portion of my life feeling I am alone in this world. No one else seemed to see the world as I did. So, when in college in the 1960s I came across the words

I am a rock
I am an island
And a rock feels no pain
An island doesn't cry.
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Everyone Should Have A Place At The Table

I’ve been thinking about what I will leave as my legacy. Everyone wants to believe that they left this world a little better off because they were here. That is what this post is all about.

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A Free Ride vs. Earning Your Way

This post has been sitting in my “draft” box for quite some time because I just don’t seem to see it as complete. I don’t want to insult people who think differently on this subject but I want to get my point across as to the potential harm being privileged might cause. Complete or not its time has come to move it to a daily … Continue reading A Free Ride vs. Earning Your Way

An Ounce Of Empathy & Two Ounces Of Brains

I am a dreamer, always have been and always will be.  When times are bad I dream of better times. When times are good I thank the Lord. I have always dreamed that every citizen of our country has at least an ounce of empathy and two ounces of brains.  I have come to doubt that belief, especially since the person in the Oval Office … Continue reading An Ounce Of Empathy & Two Ounces Of Brains

They Deserve Their Failure….

That is the moral-ideological core of conservatism today. It presumes that life is a competition or race, that people are unequal in talent, drive, and ambition, and that those who end up on top deserve their victory and rewards — and those who come out on the bottom deserve their failure and hardships. Any attempt to overturn or even mitigate this moral order — whether … Continue reading They Deserve Their Failure….

Living On The Outskirts Of Hope…

I want to pen some final words about Pope Francis here. The title of this post is a recent quote from him that truly inspires me. There are just too many people in the world to who the very idea of hope seems unknowable. They live in such despair that all they can manage is just surviving day-to-day.   It is said that Pope Francis views the … Continue reading Living On The Outskirts Of Hope…

President Obama’s welcoming speech to Pope Francis

Your Holiness, in your words and deeds, you set a profound moral example. And in these gentle but firm reminders of our obligations to God and to one another, you are shaking us out of complacency. All of us may, at times, experience discomfort when we contemplate the distance between how we lead our daily lives and what we know to be true and right. … Continue reading President Obama’s welcoming speech to Pope Francis

Empathy Is Imagining Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes…

Some of us seem to totally lack empathy for others. Sadly the lack of empathy seems to be almost a requirement for GOP candidates these days. I know Paul Ryan who is one of the heroes on the Republican party celebrates his common bonds with his hero Ayn Rand who made it very clear that to her empathy is a severe handicap in society rather … Continue reading Empathy Is Imagining Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes…

What Wealth Does To Your Soul – Part 2

With this post I will conclude my discussion about what might make the wealthy among us seem so callous to others needs. The source for these posts came as a surprise to me. Here is some more quotes from that article. A UCLA neuroscientist named Keely Muscatell has published an interesting paper showing that wealth quiets the nerves in the brain associated with empathy: If … Continue reading What Wealth Does To Your Soul – Part 2

It’s All About Empathy….

On my self description to the right here I claim to be a passionate altruist. I want to expand on that statement and also ponder those who seem to have an opposite view of the world. First let’s look at a couple of definitions: Altruism — the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others Empathy —  understanding and entering into another’s feelings These two … Continue reading It’s All About Empathy….

Group Pictures…

For some unknown reason I have always been fascinated by group pictures such as shown in my revised header above and a larger copy here. I love looking at each individual face and trying to imagine their life story.  In studying local history such as from the picture above I have come to understand just how hard previous generations have it compared to ours. It … Continue reading Group Pictures…