Instead of Makeup…

2018-10-12_15-39-06.pngMakeup is a multi-billion dollar industry in this country.  Millions of vain women spend hours each day painting their faces with it. Why they do it I’m not sure. Some say it is to attract men. Some say they do it for other women. Some say they do it because of the insecurity of just presenting their natural beauty to the world.

2018-10-12_15-38-01.pngIn my world, women wearing makeup is second only to the mystery of why women wear high heels/stilts. I just can’t understand how any woman with at least an ounce of self-esteem thinks they need to be taller or wear painted masks. But I have come up with an idea for those insecure women when it comes to painting their faces.  If someone could just invent pre-painted masks that they could quickly put on in the morning, it would save them loads of money and maybe relieve their apprehensions about their appearance.

2018-10-12_15-36-41.pngThe inventor of these could come up with an app that would take your picture and photoshop it to make it look like you want.  They could present many different versions of you so you could wear a different mask for different occasions.

Before I end this post I do want you to understand that I have no problems with trying to create a unique persona to represent who you are.  I have had a goatee for several years now. I think it helps present to the world that I think of myself as a free-spirit. I don’t follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in.  Some try to do the same thing by putting studs in their noses, lips, ears, and numerous other places.  Many seem to do it with tattoos, but I kinda think many of those regret that permanent decision down the road.  It just seems that as expensive and temporary as makeup is,  there are better ways…


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