The Department of Irony

Department of Irony: Republicans can’t stop howling about socialism. But nobody makes capitalism look worse than Donald Trump.

I think I found a new mentor when it comes to life inside the beltway. She is Gail Collins, who is a fellow Opinion Columnist to my other mentor in this area David Brooks at the New York Times. The words above are from one of her recent articles. The words get my brain spinning with possibilities.

If the MAGA folks hate socialism so much and love capitalism, why have they latched onto someone who makes capitalism look so bad? He has declared bankruptcy eleven times and almost no bank in the world will give him money for other ventures except Deutche Bank. I know he has admitted in the past that he gets most of his resources from Russian “business men” and doesn’t really need any from US banks, but since he lies about most everything else I have absolutely no trust about anything he says.

I think the GOP in general and MAGA in particular are, as usual, very misinformed about the strategy of demonizing anything with a whiff of socialism. The tide, like in so many other things they hang on to, is going in the opposite direction. They have been trying for almost a hundred years not to shut down Social Security and just can’t seem to realize that the vast majority of us see it as a good thing.

Over the years, I have gotten into it with seniors who parrot most GOP thoughts when they rant on about Social Security. The first I ask them is “I assume, since you are so much against it you are not getting checks from Social Security?” I have yet to hear a positive response to that question. Most often I hear that they have paid into the system so they want their money back. Of course, I also ask about Medicare as they are just as against that socialism program. Like the first question, I have never heard one say he is not using Medicare.

Going back to the bucking the trends idea, it seems that many in the “under 40” generations are now embracing socialist trends. They see countries like Sweden, or Denmark, or dozens of other socialist democracies and what they provide their citizens and want the same thing for themselves.

Eventually, that is when we finally purge congress of all us Baby Boomer, we will very likely embrace the socialist democracy concept and shed ourselves of the dog-eat-dog version of capitalism we are now mired in. Given how inequality is becoming so top heavy recently that might be the only way our country will survive.

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