Giving Up Social Media?

No, I am not one of those old people who is against everything invented in the last 20 years. Nor am I a person who spends the typical 2 hours a day clicking through my social media accounts. I am a user but only to a very limited degree. But, maybe even that is going to change.

I certainly understand the importance of having instant communications between a diversity of people across the world. They say Facebook has brought people together. It has billions of users so that must be the case.

My problem with social media is that there is so much bilge clogging up the system to make it extremely difficult to uncover its good side. Too many people ranting about this or that. Too many depressed people because they don’t have high enough “friends” counts.

I also see where many psychologists and such say social media is responsible for much of the epidemic of loneliness, especially among the younger generations. Too many young people spend so much time interacting with social media and rarely actually talk with other people. Let’s face it social Media is probably doing more harm than good in these recent years. It has sadly become an addiction to far too many of us.

I see there are groups now that want to just shut down Facebook, rather than try to break that massive monopoly up. I know every generation has its own problems that the older folks say is ruining it. But, is that more a reality now than it has been in the past?

Getting back to the personal level, I haven’t looked at any of my social media accounts in almost a month. I get a few notification in my mail feeds but they are quickly deleted. I am seriously considering deleting my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I think my life would be more joyful without them.

Let me know what you think about removing ourselves from the social media world?

7 thoughts on “Giving Up Social Media?

  1. I deleted Twitter about 8 months ago when I realized how much time I was wasting reading banal thoughts or filtering through the hate and misinformation. Regarding Facebook, I deactivated the account for two months. When I restarted I kept the “friends” list short and made up of people who were actually friends of mine, or who posted harmwearming material (think people rescuing animals).

    Those two steps have made a world of difference. Could I live without Facebook? Sure. But, by keeping privacy and ad preference settings tight and only interacting with positive people, it is not a bad place to spend a few minutes.


    1. I’m not on social media at all. Use the internet a lot ,but don’t feel the need to be on facebook etc. I think there are a lot of positive things on it , but I haven’t felt the urge to get involved with it.


        1. Our family uses Facebook to connect with each other and the many friends who continue to work around the world. I resisted the urge to friend people I did not know irl. My group of friends never went over 70. I can see leaving if you have continued to live in the same place or your family is very near. Never did Twitter There is enough mindless chatter in the grocery store.


    2. I am traveling on the same path as you Bob. Facebook is the last remaining social media hookup. I have just brought up a new persona there and started my friends list over again. Since I really don’t have any family now except for a neice, I don’t have many on my list.


      1. Thanks for the thoughts Janette. Yeah, keeping up with real friends and family via social media is definitely a plus as long as friends don’t overdo their posts. I really don’t care what they have for breakfast or when they are going shopping though. 🙂

        As with most everything else in life there are good things and bad things about almost everything. Keeping the good while rejecting the bad is a chore. Most of the younger generations are not moving to Instagram so if you have relatives in that generation…

        I think one of the needed things is to, for the most part, shut down the comments on news feeds and such. They are mostly for the ranters now.


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