The Less Crappy Stuff… SpaceX

I want to end this week’s posts with some less crappy stuff. Even for these times, it has been a spectacularly crappy week. The current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) has outdone himself with his stupidity. That is evident since even some Republicans now are starting to criticize him publicly. But I kinda think the reason for that possible criticism is self-survival. They don’t want to … Continue reading The Less Crappy Stuff… SpaceX

Who Needs Social Media?

Obviously the question in the title above is what this post is all about. Here is the definition of social media from Wikipedia. The biggies are obviouslly Facebook,Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, with many other a little further down the line.

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I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

Maybe I should explain the title some more before I continue with the post.  Yes, because of my Aspie traits and my isolation as a deaf senior citizen I don’t have as many friends as I had when I was in the corporate world. That is a fact that can’t be denied but it is not the point of this post. The point I am … Continue reading I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

Instagram, Here I Come..

I will admit up front here that I have no idea of why the so-called social media is addictive to so many people, especially our younger generations.  But then again due to my Asperger’s characteristics I am not really attuned to much of any form of social interactions. 🙂 But that doesn’t keep me for chiming in on this issue. Growing up in the 1950s … Continue reading Instagram, Here I Come..