Giving Up Social Media?

No, I am not one of those old people who is against everything invented in the last 20 years. Nor am I a person who spends the typical 2 hours a day clicking through my social media accounts. I am a user but only to a very limited degree. But, maybe even that is going to change. I certainly understand the importance of having instant communications between a diversity of people across the world. They say Facebook has brought people together. It has billions of users so that must be the case. My problem with social media is that there … Continue reading Giving Up Social Media?

Explaining Our Times…

Ok, I admit that I have been retired from the workforce for almost two decades now, so aside from what I read I am pretty much ignorant of it. When I left the workforce the mantra was “Do more with less”. Many of my coworkers were being laid off and I was told that I had to do their jobs in addition to my own.¬† I couldn’t imagine a more stressful situation today. When I came across this article by¬†By¬†Ruth Whippman in the New York Times it helped me to have more empathy for today’s middle-class workers.¬†¬†Ms. Whippman is the … Continue reading Explaining Our Times…

I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

Maybe I should explain the title some more before I continue with the post.¬† Yes, because of my Aspie traits and my isolation as a deaf senior citizen I don’t have as many friends as I had when I was in the corporate world. That is a fact that can’t be denied but it is not the point of this post. The point I am trying to make is that by Facebook standards my friends list is pretty abysmal.¬† I think at last count I had about 40 “friends”. Some of them I don’t “follow” because they post multiple times … Continue reading I Don’t Have Many Friends — By Choice..

Follow Me On Facebook or Feedly

¬† A quick snippet here to give you a couple of different ways to follow my daily posts on RJsCorner. If you are a regular Facebook viewer you can now see my post there. Just click on the”Facebook Connect” block on the right edge of this post and hit the “Follow” button on the Facebook page. If you use Feedly, another way to make it easier to read me is to put me on your Feedly list. It is a great app that I use daily. ¬†Just copy the URL¬†here and then go to Feedly search box and paste it … Continue reading Follow Me On Facebook or Feedly

Facebook in 2030? 5 billion users, says Zuck

All CEOs including Facebooks’ Mark Zukerberg are paid the big bucks to be dreamers. They all have to have a vision of where their company dominates all the competition in the years ahead. Of course there are only a meager few who actually get it right. The rest take their millions and walk away and another dreamer takes over.¬† I think Zuck really understands that by 2030 which is fourteen years away something else will likely replace Facebook as THE social site of the age. Fourteen years is an eternity when it come to technological change. But I want to … Continue reading Facebook in 2030? 5 billion users, says Zuck

What The World Needs Now Is a Lot Less Spite….

What the world needs now is love, sweet love It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of What the world needs now is love, sweet love No, not just for some but for everyone I love the song lyrics above. They give me hope that someday, probably in the very distant future the world will turn to love but we got a long ways to go before that can even remotely become reality. In the interim I am just praying that the world has a little less spite tomorrow than it does today. Spite is such a destructive … Continue reading What The World Needs Now Is a Lot Less Spite….

Fifty Years From Now…

Recently¬†someone requested that I be¬†his¬†new “friend” on Facebook. I’m not sure I even know him but I think he is a sibling of one of my high school classmates. One thing that Facebook is good at is to give you a long lists of ¬†“friends of your friends” to entice to add more. I guess they get more revenue that way but I don’t know for sure. ¬†Anyway I went ahead and accepted the request and within a day or two that person’s Facebook page appeared on my screen. The first post was him passing along someone else’s post. It … Continue reading Fifty Years From Now…

About Me & FaceBook….

After yesterday’s post about people resisting change and not adopting the latest technology I thought I would take the opposite route today. Today¬†I am going to talk about¬†Facebook by giving you a view of¬†my personal habits there. How is that for yin/yang?? Unlike so many, I have not made it a¬†life’s goal¬†to grow my “friends” list to any gargantuan level. ¬†Some I follow there have hundreds of “friends”, some even have thousands! I think mine is currently almost¬†fifty and several¬†of those are institutions not people. I know that is pathetic by most¬†standards for that site. ¬†Who has only fifty friends … Continue reading About Me & FaceBook….

Writing My Material….

  An important part of my daily read is the Will Rogers Facebook page as shown above. It, along with the half-dozen books about him on my bookshelf give me a lifetime of material for this blog at RJsCorner. Will inspires me for his wit, wisdom, and humor. But maybe even more so for his endurance as he put out thousands of¬† “posts” of his day. Will inspires me with his method of delivery.¬† One of his most famous quotes is “All I know is what I read in the newspaper” and then he would proceed to put his spin … Continue reading Writing My Material….

If You’re Not Paying For It……..

Source:¬†Facebook isn’t free ‚Äď The best way I’ve ever heard Facebook’s business model described is simple: “If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” What makes Facebook so valuable is that you, your friends, and everyone else who uses the site are sitting ducks for marketers out to exploit your information to sell you things. This article is about FaceBook but could be about many things in the world today. The saying “If you are not paying for it you are not the customer.” goes beyond this one particular company but it … Continue reading If You’re Not Paying For It……..

The Thing about Facebook…

There has been a lot of press lately about how Facebook was used during the Egyptian protests lately. Showing its affect on democratic reform definitely put a positive spin on this social network. But then I go to my Facebook homepage and I see something entirely different. There are no great social causes being espoused there. Of the 50 or so ‚Äúfriends‚ÄĚ I have there are a few organizations who try to promote common causes but not many. I do want to admit up front that I am not very active in Facebook. I post occasionally just to let people … Continue reading The Thing about Facebook‚Ķ