It’s All About Challenges…

As far as I am concerned, having a satisfying life is all about challenges. When I no longer have anything that tests or stretches me I am the most prone to periods of depression. That is what this post is all about.

This is the beginning of my “gray season”. In the Midwest it is the time of year when the skies are almost always gray and the sunlight seems to disappear.

  • It is the time of year when I hibernate.
  • It is a time for overeating and under exercising.
  • It is a time to become a couch potato.

I blame my coming depression on many things but recently I think I may have found a root cause. It’s easy to blame my condition on others. Our political world proves that to be true. It’s never my fault, someone else caused it to happen. But, I need to be accountable for my state of mind.

I am the most depressed when I see my life without purpose, but in reality I think that really means when I see no challenges on my horizon. Without challenges, I see myself just sucking air until the Lord takes me. Whose fault is it that I have no challenges? Of course, like most everything else, that rests solely on me. When it happens I have a pity party about life. I’m not sure I know the solution to this annual problem. How do I tackle the lack of challenge? That is what I am presently contemplating. I hope I find some solution before this season reaches it deepest depths. Any advice from you would be appreciated.