I Gotta Learn How To Be A Duck

Going forward, that’s how I am determined to stay up with this important political season. Just let the political ugliness run off my back and not even notice it. I know all the attacks from #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) are not directed towards me but I tend to take everything personally that I read from that despicable person.

Some say that those with Aspie traits lack empathy, but I really believe it is quite the opposite. We tend to personalize everything, so what affects others tends to affect us too. I gotta get over that feeling if I am to continue exposing myself to the ugliness of today’s politics.

I’m still in the deciding mode as I have backed off the Warren pick until I learn more about her “tax the rich” and other schemes. She seems to believe she can do everything she wants as long as there are enough rich people to pay up.

I need to pay closer attention to the others in the pack before it is time for my vote in the primaries. But then again, my State doesn’t vote until May so it will likely be decided before then anyway.

Like water off a duck’s back…

2 thoughts on “I Gotta Learn How To Be A Duck

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Marquita. Yes, I think the 1% have had it pretty good for quite a while tax wise. The GOP has managed to reduce their tax load by over 50% in the last couple of decades. It’s about time they start paying more. As the Bible says “for those who are given much, much is expected”. And besides where are they going to spend all that money except on bigger boats, houses, and 6-figure cars.

      What bothers me with Warren right now is that she sounds like a Republican in that she says to everybody else, “don’t worry, we are going to give you a bunch of stuff but you don’t have to pay anymore for it. I don’t mind paying more if everyone has quality healthcare and enough to eat. I’m not a 1% but I can afford to give my share. That “Something for Nothing” mantra bothers me right now. I just wonder if she is blowing air right now just to get elected?


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