Ultra-Sensitive To Criticism, But…

For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone can be hyper-sensitive to criticism but spewing it out by the bucket full every day? Most of us know the Golden Rule, but I guess to him it is “Get as much gold as you can, anyway necessary”.

I will give him the doubt by saying he probably didn’t get much basic education in morals and such as his father was too busy being a slum-lord in NYC at the time. Maybe “Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree” is a good description. Here is a more about that

2 thoughts on “Ultra-Sensitive To Criticism, But…

  1. I understand about projection: criticizing, attacking, demeaning, or belittling to change the focus of a conversation away from you and to another other person or straw man. I understand that a immoral father (or mother) can have a lasting effect on children.

    What I will never understand is the hold this most immoral, unchristian, sexually deviant, hate filled man has on others who claim to be clothed in religious beliefs or simple human morality. They have seen how he will discard you like a used tissue the second you no longer show worship or usefulness to him. They can’t believe he will carry them to the promised land of perpetual power, can they?

    Color me, baffled.


    1. You and I see these issues very much the same Bob. I lament that as much or more damage has been done to religious issues as national issues. Why can’t the MAGA folks understand that is a mystery to me. But, against all hope, I struggle to try to discover what the “real” core issues are with these folks. I don’t know if I will ever come to a resolution of that. But, I do kinda think that fear of many different things is the cornerstone.


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