Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.

I heard the words in the title from a recent re-look at the movie series The Matrix and thought immediately how that should affect how we approach life, particularly during the current times. That is what this post is all about.

This pandemic is a pretty rough time for all of us, but it is worse for some than others. Those of us who are older fear that our end times will be cut abruptly short. Those who live paycheck to paycheck are wondering how they are going to cope after being laid off. Sadly, some of those who are younger are just ignoring the pandemic as believing it has no consequences for them other than a week or so of not feeling particularly well.

I hope the latter group are a small segment of that population. I saw where one of those kids celebrating at Daytona Beach and making fun of all the trauma got many negative hits on his Instagram page. Some of those negative comments were from his parents and grandparents. Good for them. 😅

Anyway finally getting on to the main topic of this post and that is that we should all be looking forward to the end of this particular pandemic. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Hopefully, we will have learned some lessons from this one as I don’t think it will be our last.

The current Oval Office occupant has done a pretty miserable job of dealing with these crisis issues. His top priority is still lashing out at those he sees attacking him for calling the pandemic a hoax. It is obvious to all of us except maybe the MAGA cult that he wasted two critical months that made the problem much worse than it could have been. At this point he will never admit that he was wrong about this or any other issue. I think most of us can totally see that he is in it WAY OVER HIS HEAD and has no possibility of changing this behavior. He is just not incapable of showing an ounce of empathy or compassion for anyone besides himself. His stubborn delay in addressing testing and isolation will likely be the direct cause of thousands of us unnecessarily dying.

Another critical thing we need to learn is that this is very likely not the last pandemic for any of us, except of course those who don’t survive it. It is frequently predicted by the experts that once the permafrost melts due to global warming that many viruses will once again come to life. If we can find leaders who accept that fact and charge ahead with specific plans to prevent it, this may be the worst one but assuredly it will not the last.

Let’s end this post on lighter thoughts. I love all the futuristic movies as they keep my imagination blooming and without an imagination I am nothing. I remember the religious rebuke to the Matrix as cited above. They had nothing good to say about any of it. Of course, that stand just got more people to look at the source of their judgmental scorn. But I will admit that the Matrix is way out there! 🤣 When I started this post based solely on the quote in the title above I had no idea where it was going. But, since everything is “pandemic” now I shouldn’t have been surprised as to the direction it went. My posts just seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.

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