RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

Here I am sitting at my keyboard again, when I should be having dinner. Let me explain a little more. Some of you know that I have Aspie traits that make social situations uncomfortable. For that reason, I usually go to dinner here in my retirement community during the last fifteen minutes of the meal hour. I go down then because there is usually a … Continue reading RetComLife#33 – I Am Tired Of …

End of Life Trauma Part 4 – The Nursing Home

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I need to fill you in on some of the things that brought it on. After two weeks in the hospital, part of it trying to stabilize my wife’s badly damaged heart and another to fight the life-threatening gall bladder infection, they deemed her stable enough to go into a “rehabilitation” center. The question was, … Continue reading End of Life Trauma Part 4 – The Nursing Home

Government Wasn’t The Problem

Forty years ago, Ronald Reagan made the comment “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” I didn’t agree with that then but by adding two words I agree with it now. My slightly revised quote is The lack of government is the problem When government loses its role of doing the “people’s business” it becomes a major problem. When that … Continue reading Government Wasn’t The Problem

The Political Strategy Of Wishing It Away…

I guess #CO3 (Current Oval Office occupant) thinks he can eliminate the virus by just wishing it away, or at least surrounding himself with people who won’t remind him that it happened on his watch. 180,000+ people have died of the virus in this country. That’s 60 times the people who died on 911! He hopes we will ignore that fact as long as he … Continue reading The Political Strategy Of Wishing It Away…

Our Food Is Killing Us…

We Americans are among the most unhealthy people in the world and a big part of that is due to our diet. Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year. We will never solve our constant struggle to contain healthcare costs until we address this underlying problem. Yeah, we can tinker around … Continue reading Our Food Is Killing Us…

These Times Are A Blip On The Radar Screen Of Life

Let’s face it, patience is just not much of a practiced virtue anymore. Proof of that is that so many seem to think that the current lockdown is agonizing. But it is only in its fourth month. Four months is nothing in comparison to most of our lifetimes. It is just a blip on our radar screen. Just look at Anne Frank, who was hidden … Continue reading These Times Are A Blip On The Radar Screen Of Life

Mindless Mines In The Fields Of Life

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have to run through a minefield on a daily basis. They say there are still thousands of unidentified mines around Vietnam that maim people today. I remember a PBS broadcast some time ago where a journalist went to Cambodia and talked to people whose children were killed by fifty year old mines. It touched on … Continue reading Mindless Mines In The Fields Of Life

Where Is The Middle Ground?

The movie Soylent Green was made in 1973 about the coming apocalypse in 2022. According to some worldviews, that is what is happening now. All those big cities are paying the price for their decadence. They got what they deserved is certainly the mantra in many small towns across America. That mentality is at least a little relevant to today’s post. Unlike Soylent Green this … Continue reading Where Is The Middle Ground?

Small Town vs Metropolitan…Covid-19

This post continues from yesterday’s post about my recent experiences with shopping in my very small-town grocery versus going 20 miles to a larger metropolitan area. Covid-19 wise the difference is night vs day. I, like most in the world, am now hunkered down at the homestead. I only make a weekly trek to replenish the pantry shelves. I decided early on in the pandemic … Continue reading Small Town vs Metropolitan…Covid-19

MAGA – The Real Solution…

I will say that given this pandemic and what it is doing to our world, making America great again does have some credence now. How we go about that in the “real” world, not the one of self-denial and pretend-facts, is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “MAGA – The Real Solution…”

Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.

I heard the words in the title from a recent re-look at the movie series The Matrix and thought immediately how that should affect how we approach life, particularly during the current times. That is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.”