Having Control…

I think its time for another post about my Aspie traits. This one is about my obsession of having control of my life.

Those of us with Aspie traits often have a very fundamental need to feel that we are in control of our lives. In that vain we are usually obsessive planners. We don’t like unpredictability as it often throws us into meltdowns of varying degrees.

One of those issues for me is always knowing where I am. One of my most essential e-tools is GPS. Before that came on the scene I spent hours and hours of my vacation time staring a map to be sure I always knew where I was. My wife would often show “Quit looking at the map and enjoy the scenery.” I had to be in control, I had to know where we were. Now that I have a tool to take care of that for me I do actually enjoy the scenery.

Control is my way of bringing safety and sensory comfort to a sometimes unpredictable, unsafe, uncomfortable world. It is just part of my basic nature. It is not that I insist on neatness but instead I prefer organized chaos. I just need to know what to expect and as a result I usually spend hours looking at all the possibilities so that I am ready to confront any of them. I am pretty sure that is what made me an exceptional software app developer.

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