I Am A Rock, I Am An Island, I Am An Altruist

Because of my Aspie traits I have lived a good portion of my life feeling I am alone in this world. No one else seemed to see the world as I did. So, when in college in the 1960s I came across the words

I am a rock
I am an island
And a rock feels no pain
An island doesn't cry.

It totally described how I felt about my being alone in the world. Stack my deafness on top of that pile a couple of decades later and the pile seemed pretty tall. But then pile on Altruism and the isolation heap goes stratospheric!

Am I the only altruist still out there?

Before I go any further I need to make sure that you understand what an altruist is by giving you the graphic to the right.

I am pro-life, no that doesn’t mean that I am just against abortion, it means I am “pro-all life” I wish those who restrict their stand to only mean protecting the unborn and then seemingly forsaking even them after birth had not kidnapped that term. ☹️

Being pro-life and a follower of Jesus’ demands me to be my brother’s keeper and that is a critical part of my life. Along with this having a good dose of empathy almost necessitates the further tag of altruism.

Sometimes I think I am stuck in an alternate universe, and I am the only one who cares about others. I know that isn’t the truth, but so much of the world today seems to say differently. I just wish others who felt the same as I were more vocal in their beliefs. I wish there were a thousand blogs that proclaimed that attribute. I wish someone would convince me that I am not alone in my feelings…

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