All About Meltdowns…

I have let it be known many times here on RJsCorner that I have significant Aspie traits. I have not been officially diagnosed, nor do I care to be, so I don’t call myself an Aspie. If you want to know more about this condition, at least from my personal perspective click here.

I had an Aspie type meltdown about three weeks ago that scared me. I have had a few more since then so I kinda get the reason for them. If you care to read about my first meltdown click here to see that post.

These meltdowns have been related to Covid-19 Lockdown. To get to the root of these events it is initiated by people who refuse to wear a mask to protect me from them; they simply drive me crazy. Wearing a mask is such little thing to do especially when a possible life is saved. I have gone off on one person or another on almost every trip out of the house. The person today wouldn’t even step back, so I could pass at a safe distance, and she was an employee of the store! She laughed at my request but stood her ground. Needless to say, even though I have been a customer of that company for fifty plus years I will never step into another TSC farm store again! I guess she took the liar-in-chief’s words that he has now been conquered the virus and everything can get back to normal. How naive can some people be?

I am anxious about many things now, and I am quite irritable, especially when I am away from the homestead during these times. These panic attacks and outbursts scare me. Will they get worse when the second wave of the virus likely hits? I don’t know.

If there is just one person in a crowd of fifty who refuses to wear a mask, she will almost certainly not get the virus from the other forty-nine, but she could infect the rest of the crowd. This virus will continue until we can either convince the non-mask wearer to voluntarily wear a mask around others or make it mandatory for him to do so. One or the other…

2 thoughts on “All About Meltdowns…

  1. The only rational I can offer for our non-masking fellow citizens is that going maskless is one way to strike back at what has upended their lives. To them, it is a minor act of rebellion. Unfortunately, i am pretty sure that many of them think the mask is designed to protect them, not the people around them. Maybe there would be a different reaction if they understood the mask’s purpose. I imagine Mr. Trump doesn’t understand how the mask works.either, or, maybe he does but doesn’t care if he infects those around him. Empathy is not one of his strong suits.


  2. That is a point I have brought up during each of my meltdowns. I try to make it abundantly clear that by not wearing a mask the person is putting everyone they come close to at risk of getting the virus. But that has yet to sink in for these folks. Maybe after they thought about it they changed their minds; but probably not 🥺

    Thanks for the thoughts Bob.


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