Symbiosis: The Art of Living Together

With this post I want to start out with a biology lesson. I kinda think that the word symbiosis will be much more common in the 21st century. After all that is the real basis for COVID-19. It is an organism that came from nature and interacts in a negative way with us humans. As the population of our planet grows and we infringe upon … Continue reading Symbiosis: The Art of Living Together

Considering My Options For Future Living

I am a list maker and planner, that is who I am, and due to my Aspie traits I put logical thinking above most emotions. In that regard, I realize that I will very likely outlive my wife by possibly several years. She is seven years older than me and in precarious health. When we moved to our current homestead twenty years ago she made … Continue reading Considering My Options For Future Living

Where Is The Middle Ground?

The movie Soylent Green was made in 1973 about the coming apocalypse in 2022. According to some worldviews, that is what is happening now. All those big cities are paying the price for their decadence. They got what they deserved is certainly the mantra in many small towns across America. That mentality is at least a little relevant to today’s post. Unlike Soylent Green this … Continue reading Where Is The Middle Ground?

Reckless Endangerment… And The Virus

When a person is found guilty of reckless endangerment he can get up to a year in prison. That is the law. I’m sure sometime in the future this law will apply to those who willfully choose not to wear a mask in public places. Given the fact that, if the evidence proves true, pandemics will become much more prevalent in the future, it will likely happen soon.

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Hunger Down Or…

These are certainly stressful times. Everything seems to be against us, well maybe not for the kids who can now play their video games 24/7 😆. Pandemics aren’t fun. This post about that is from an old person’s point of view…

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