The Less Crappy Stuff… SpaceX

I want to end this week’s posts with some less crappy stuff. Even for these times, it has been a spectacularly crappy week. The current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) has outdone himself with his stupidity. That is evident since even some Republicans now are starting to criticize him publicly. But I kinda think the reason for that possible criticism is self-survival. They don’t want to be tied to his coattails when he goes down in flames in five months. Now, on to the less crappy stuff.

SpaceX is a company owned by Elan Musk, and he seems to be patterning it very similar to Amazon. He is looking at the long term instead of, as most corporations today who focus almost entirely on the next quarterly dividend to its stockholders. Most notable recently is the SpaceX launch that put Americans on the International Space Station.

But a major part of his goals are to make it possible for everyone on earth to have affordable high-speed Internet service. To do that, he is launching thousands of satellites into low earth orbit. A thousand are planned this year, and he has FCC approval for up to 12,000! When his system is complete he will have made the equivalent of a worldwide cellular network in the sky. If I were one of the major communications companies competing for Internet customers today I would be feeling very insecure! Much like Amazon has virtually taken over for thousands of brick and mortar stores with service unheard of just a few years ago, SpaceX will dominate the future of Internet service providers. And that is certainly no small thing.

Another less crappy thing happening this week is that the social media companies seem to be growing spines and enforce their rules against lies and inflaming violence, particularly where the liar-in-chief in the Oval Office is concerned. First Twitter actually tagged some of his tweets as being flagrantly untruthful. Then they went further and tagged others so that they couldn’t be spread.

Mark Zuckerberg finally joined the pack but only after thousands of his employees staged a virtual sick-out that forces that action.

Things are starting to look a little less crappy in the world…