Where Is The Middle Ground?

The movie Soylent Green was made in 1973 about the coming apocalypse in 2022. According to some worldviews, that is what is happening now. All those big cities are paying the price for their decadence. They got what they deserved is certainly the mantra in many small towns across America. That mentality is at least a little relevant to today’s post.

Unlike Soylent Green this post is going to be more of a “Goldilocks & The Three Bears” post. It is about finding the middle ground for where to live during future pandemics. I have no doubt that Covid-19 will usher in some significant changes in how and where some choose to live. Where is the best place to live in America in the future under this scenario? Let’s look at the three basic possibilities.

Big Cities – Let’s start out with the obvious, it is downright dangerous to live in highly populated areas during pandemic times. The evidence of that is New York City 2020. No matter which hot-spot map you look at that city has the biggest red dot in the country. When you put almost eight and a half million people within basically a 10 by 30 mile area, you can’t avoid serious contact with hundreds of people a day. Pandemics are breeding grounds in those places.

Small Towns – small towns have a very different downside when it comes to pandemics. They just don’t see the need to worry about them on a personal level. To them that stuff only happens in the big cities. I currently live in a small town and I can tell you that at least 60% of the population do not wear masks to prevent them from spreading the virus if/when they get it. Living in a small town during pandemic times is kind of like walking through a mine field. You never know when one of those maskless folks may cough on you. As shown in some of my previous posts, I have had several meltdowns while walking this small-town minefield. So, many in fact that I pretty much avoid everything in my small town.

Medium sized cities – Now that I am going to a medium-sized city about 25 miles away for all my needs, I see 80%+ of shoppers wearing masks and compared to big cities have only a small portions of their citizens dying from Covid-19. I am especially impressed by the fact that the Menards Home Center requires all its customers wear masks. Even when masks are no longer necessary Menards will be my place for my hardware/lumber needs. They have proven to me that they value their customers.

The difference between small towns and small cities maybe comes down to worldviews between the two. My county is the third lowest of almost a hundred in the State on education levels. At the gut level, I think that has a lot to do with it. They just don’t have much experience with looking at things nationally or globally. Their main, perhaps only concern, is with their clan/tribe. Everyone else are just “outsiders” as far as they are concerned. Ignorance, or perhaps to say it more politely, inexperience plays a big part. Enough said for now.

I want to close with the fact that Soylent Green, at least in the movie, turned out to be PEOPLE. 😳😢

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