Government Intrusion??

It seems that the best argument that some have about not wearing a mask while in public is that it is “government intrusion into our personal lives!!!” They say they would rather die of the virus than wear a mask! I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty lame and selfish to me.

There just seems to be a flag waving, chest pounding war against wearing a mask. It’s almost come to a Civil War. The foundation for this stand of course comes from the current Oval Office occupant (#CO3) and his ignorant arrogance. Of course the core of this group have the ultimate adoration him. He won’t wear a mask and they won’t either. They proved that at the recent “How Great I Am” rally this last weekend. Another thing that was proven is that this group is much smaller than they want us to know.

These folks need to stop pretending that they will suffer utter agony if they have to wear a mask. All we are really asking is that they be a decent human being. Another principle that many in this group proclaims is that they are pro-life. I wish I could scream to each of them that “your refusal to wear a mask proves that you are NOT pro-life.

If they are fighting the inconvenience of putting some cloth on their face why aren’t the fighting against more serious intrusions into their lives.

  • Why aren’t they tearing down stop signs since it is an intrusion make them stop when they don’t want to?
  • Why aren’t they refusing to obey speed limits, isn’t that a government intrusion much worse than temporarily wearing a mask when you are around other people?
  • Why aren’t they rushing the airport gates and bypassing the TSA people because it is an intrusion to make them get to the airport an hour earlier?
  • Why can’t they shout “FIRE” in a crowded theater…. well, you get the idea.

I have been thinking about all those 120,000 deaths and their family’s grief. Much of those deaths didn’t have to happen if a person who really cared about others as much as he does himself and his image. I don’t know what percentage of those deaths are directly accountable to #CO3, by his example of not wearing a mask, he has personally helped the virus to recklessly spread throughout the country.

We have held people in Guantanamo Bay for a decade now who have only been accused of such things. Maybe he should be there alongside of them? Just kidding, of course… I wouldn’t wish that even on him.

I very much admire Menard’s Home Improvement centers for requiring everyone who enters their stores to wear a mask. It shows that they “really” care for their employees and customers. I just wish the supermarket chains would do the same thing. About 90% of my away-from-home time in the last 3 months has been to buy groceries. If everyone wore a mask at least to those places those of us who are more susceptible to dying from the virus would feel much safer. I know they say I can order my food and pick it up, but that process is difficult to say the least. Maybe the rule should be that if you don’t want to wear a mask in a supermarket you can always order it and have it delivered to your car. By a person having a mask, of course.

One thought on “Government Intrusion??

  1. “They say they would rather die of the virus than wear a mask!” Well, I say, “Go ahead, then. Just don’t take anyone with you.”

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