Considering My Options For Future Living

I am a list maker and planner, that is who I am, and due to my Aspie traits I put logical thinking above most emotions. In that regard, I realize that I will very likely outlive my wife by possibly several years. She is seven years older than me and in precarious health. When we moved to our current homestead twenty years ago she made me promise her it would be the last house she lives in. Like all my promises I intend to uphold that one. But, then what??

Until recently I was convinced that a CCRC (continuous care retirement community) was the place for me. It is just the most logical. Since I have no kids I will be pretty much on my own for all my needs. Going into a place where I can spend the rest of my life and be assured that help would be there when I need it was very appealing. Kinda like the guy in the photo above I thought it would be the most satisfying way to finish off my life.

As a matter of fact, I had pretty much picked the one I wanted. It has multiple dining options, many activities and a pleasant atmosphere. Questions still remain. How will I as a deaf person who has lived almost exclusively with a recluse be welcomed there. Will my Aspie traits turn out to be something that turns people off? I know eye contact is essential to many and I just don’t do that very well. Maybe my bluntness will cause me to get shunned? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but was willing to investigate further.

But then the pandemic happened, and we all saw how it decimated those type of facilities! Living close to hundreds of other people is a dangerous thing right now. That made me step back and consider other options. That is the process I am going through right now…

If you have any comments for suggestions I would love to hear them.