Into The Looking Glass – 2035 And Beyond Part 1

Here we are at the final “Into The Looking Glass” episode. But…in order to maintain my 500-word limit on my posts it will be in two parts. Tomorrow will be the last post on this insightful series.

This period proves to be the most challenging for me in that I will try to give you some possible future for 2035 and beyond. I have been an amateur futurist for quite a while now, so I think I am up to the task. As a futurist I am not trying to predict what will happen, that is what psychics do and I don’t really believe in that sort of thing. šŸ˜Ž

— Goodbye To Fossil Fuels —

By this time it will be totally obvious to almost everyone that burning fossil fuels is destroying our planet that we leave our grandchildren. So, that 140 year old source of energy will for the most part cease to exist. There will likely be some gasoline available but it will have a pretty big carbon tax on it and will be primarily used by the wealthy for their pre-2000 car collections

One of the things that will finally antiquate carbon-based energy is the advancement in energy storage. That technology will have come through a couple of paradigm shifts and as a result will be cheap, reliable, and abundant. Lithium Ion batteries will be a thing of the distant past. With this advanced technology renewable sources will more than meet the energy needs of 2035 and beyond.

— Self Driving Transportation —

By 2035 we will for the most part no longer be steering our transportation vehicles. Instead, they will be more like Google or Apple Maps of today. We simply tell the vehicle where we want to go and it will get us there. When the unpredictable human interface is gone the speed of getting from one point to another will be at least a couple of times faster than it is now. Highway deaths and injuries be a very rare event. Our grandchildren will be amazed when they hear that grandpa had to actually steer his vehicle.

— Automated Community Owned Transportation

Another advancement in this area will be that the self-driving vehicles on the roads will not be owned by any one person. Instead, they will be a fleet of community or maybe corporate owned through a regulated monopoly. Insurance, car payments, and maintenance will be eliminated and replaced by a much less costly monthly payment to this entity.

— Hydro-Farming —

When I go to the supermarket today I never know where the vegetables will come from. Most often it is California but Mexico is often the source and even South American countries are common. The number of trucks on the road to deliver these goods is probably beyond imagining. Even now the advantages of growing our food year round at local sources is proving economically feasible and will become the source of choice in the coming years.

— Mandatory Community Service —

We all need to know at an early age that we are all part of a community that includes our immediate family but goes all the way to the world community. In order to make us part of the solutions to future world needs a one-year mandatory community service will be required of everyone between their 18th and 20th birthday.

Tomorrow’s post will close out this exercise of looking into possible futures for us as a country and a world. That post will focus on the “Beyond” portion of its title

3 thoughts on “Into The Looking Glass – 2035 And Beyond Part 1

  1. RJ,

    Interesting ideas. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Something I would hope for the future of our country is some serious reform in our election process. Dream on right? I’ve had it with the big money and special interests driving this process. No wonder many with the ability to lead don’t come forward. By the way, what does #CO3 mean?


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Pat. I think election reform is a more short-term thing that will be seriously addressed once those that are against it are driven from office. That could happen much quicker than many imagine. The respectable will come back to do the job once the offices themselves prove to be respectable.

      #CO3 is my hashtag for Current Oval Office Occupant. I refuse to call him the title that that office usually entails.

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