Into The Looking Glass – 2035 And Beyond Part 2

This is the end of this seven post series of looking at America from my personal perspective. It has been quite a story. This final episode will be speculating where we might be long after I am gone from this earth. As I have said before in this series, I am not predicting that anything I say here will actually happen. But, I am saying that it is a possibility. I have tried to look on the optimistic side for these possible future scenarios and avoid the Mad Max type possibilities that we might bring upon ourselves. Here are the last of my observation.

— Guaranteed Income —

Robotics will most assuredly take over many of the jobs that were once available to many of us. How will we manage to get the resources for daily living without a paying job? We will have finally reached the point where the production and many service jobs will no longer require a human being. With that in mind our general method of funding our government to do the people’s business will change. Person income will no longer be a significant source. Instead, it will be taxation on the profit centers and more contributions to from those who have gained the most from our nation’s prosperity. From those funds everyone will be credited a certain amount to assure no one starves or are without shelter.

— Melding of Capitalism and Socialism —

Capitalism and socialism have been the primary philosophies for a few hundred years now. Whether people in those systems want to admit it or not here are advantages and disadvantages of both forms of government. Capitalism spurs creativity and socialism focuses on the long-term instead of immediate rewards. Eventually, the good parts in both systems will be integrated in a third way that will produce synergy that neither could produce on their own.

– World Government —

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. What affects all of us can come from anywhere in the world. Realizing that eventually all the countries of the world will form a unified World Federal Government. The world is just becoming too entangled for that not to happen.

— We Will FINALLY Cease Killing Each Other Over Spiritual Differences

Much of the history of mankind is made up of one religious philosophy battling another. Literally billions have died in the process. Those deaths will be ameliorated by an edict of coexistence. Everyone can believe in what you want but you can’t force that belief on others. It will come to this when all of us finally realize that we are all praying to the same god.

I hope you have been enlightened and entertained by my view of the world’s history and future possibilities. All of us need to be constantly thinking beyond the present paradigm to the next improvement in our world. We will eventually reach a point in our existence where that fact will sink in and our actions will always be targeted for the greater good of humanity not for selfish personal gain.

4 thoughts on “Into The Looking Glass – 2035 And Beyond Part 2

  1. I was waiting for this.

    I often wonder how my job will look like in 20 years. The current job or the next one, considering all the things that are changing, given the pandemic (work from home, videocalls instead of
    face to face meetings and so on).
    A financial manager told me that in 20 years if you don’t master Excel you won’t find a job. I beg to differ! Robots will do that in 20 years and we will have to learn something else. A guaranteed income will come in handy.

    In regard of Spiritual Differences I believe the idea and how we report to God will change beyond 2035.


    1. I agree with you about Excel. It is a 20 year tool that has an expiration date. Much of what it is used for will be replaced by automation but some of it won’t.

      I don’t think anyone can predict what the job market will be in 20 years, but I think there will still be more than enough jobs for us humans. They may not be the boring stuff that many do now but instead things more creative and innovative.

      Spiritual differences have been around for almost 2,000 years now and I don’t think they will disappear, but as I said I think tolerance to different beliefs/philosophies will be the norm.


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