Mindless Mines In The Fields Of Life

I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have to run through a minefield on a daily basis. They say there are still thousands of unidentified mines around Vietnam that maim people today. I remember a PBS broadcast some time ago where a journalist went to Cambodia and talked to people whose children were killed by fifty year old mines. It touched on my soul. Of course, the mines were meant for the “enemy”, who are now our friends. When we left we just walked away from them and destroyed any documentation that might have identified where they were.

Mines were finally banned in the 1990’s as being too inhumane even for war. But, of course, the current Oval Office occupant decided to destroy that humanitarian gain as he has so many others.

These thoughts came to mind on my weekly trip off the homestead to get groceries and supplies. I typically go to Menards Home Center and Kroger each week. Menards is great. They will not let anyone inside their building without a mask. This last trip there I actually saw them physically remove a customer who decided he would rather die than wear a mask. I applauded their efforts as they pushed him out the door.

Then there is Kroger. All of their employees wear masks, some more correctly than others, but a Coke vendor that I have encountered a couple of times was another matter. He just flagrantly disregarded social distancing and wouldn’t even pretend to wear a mask. I just don’t understand how Kroger allows one of their vendors to act in this way? I wish they would emulate Menards and require everyone who enters their stores to wear a mask.

I have had one form or another meltdown on each of my past half-dozen trips. I just have to confront someone who doesn’t wear a mask to protect others around him. When I do talk to them I can almost always see the light go out in their face. So, I guess I am not the only one who confronts them. They simply will not accept any argument to wear a mask. Maybe because their hero tells them not to.

That got me to thinking that they are not much different from the landmines of war. The landmines only know one thing and that is to explode when anything pushes their button. They are incapable of caring about anything else.

This week I went with the mentality that those folks who refuse to wear a mask are no different from a landmine in old battlefields. They are mindless mines in the fields of life. They are either too stupid or too ignorant to care that their actions might result in the death of others. There is nothing that I can say or do that will get them to change. All I can do is to keep an eye out for them and step very quickly away when I see them coming.

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