Racism, Hate, Privilege, Ignorance, Apathy – Which Is Worse?

I am going to give you my answer up front for this post. All the above pretty much come from the same place.

Racism looks like hate, but hate is only one manifestation.

Privilege says that you deserve things that other don’t.

Ignorance shows that you don’t care about anyone but yourself and maybe not even yourself since you have stopped learning.

Apathy says you just don’t care. You live in your own little bubble and couldn’t care less about the rest of the world.

But, in my mind privilege is the most dangerous of them all, and probably the most prevalent. It assumes you deserve something because of your economic circumstance, race, and any number of other things and those other people don’t. That is the core of all the others, isn’t it? Won’t they be in for a shock when those who think they are privileged meet their maker and find out he loves the lowest of the lows just as much as he loves them. Maybe even more!

For those of us who claim to be Christians, all we need to do is to really study the words of Jesus to understand that feeling privileged is a road away from God, not a road to him.

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