A New Morning In America…

Now that the current Oval Office occupant has been defeated, it’s time to look once again to set a course to a bright future for our country. I hope that we the voters have learned a lesson from the dark days of the previous four years. But even more so, I hope that eventually we can once again come together in some semblance of bipartisanship. I hated the idea of the MAGA hats but maybe our dream should be that those words are actually relevant now that he will soon be gone.

We need to work very hard at restoring our place in the world and once again restoring trust in our country. Both have been severely damaged in the last four years, but since I am an optimist I see us once again being that shining light on the hill.

January 20, 2021, will be a new morning in America. Will we be able to put all the ugliness of the past four years on the trash heap of time and move onto to successfully facing the challenges of the 21st century?

I’m sure many of you think this scenario is a rosy one. Just because that despicable narcissist will soon be out of office doesn’t mean that the ugliness that he condoned will follow him. That is true, but that ugliness has always been there even through our brightest hours. It is just that we allowed it to come to center stage by our irresponsible attitude toward voting in 2016. I know the pandemic is still around to keep things dark but the light on the horizon is starting to shine even with that.

We will never get rid of darkness, it will follow us and try again to strike down the American spirit but with our diligence, we can keep it at bay if we learned the ugly lesson of the last four years. One way is to pay a closer attention to the needs of all our people. I have lived in the hinterland for more than a score of years now and have often felt that my needs are being ignored by the folks in the big cities. That needs to change.

Part of ignoring large segments of society is due to our version of capitalism in which profit is the absolute king. But, hopefully that is changing now and I pray that we will once again have a strong sense of community purpose where everyone is finally considered a valuable member of society. I can even imagine the day when true equality of the masses is the norm of our existence. Where everyone has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

I am a dreamer, and I am going to dream it will be about the bright days ahead and not a coming Armageddon. Yes, it will take a massive effort to realize my dream, but we are up to it if we just get off our butts and quit being lazy minded or being apathetic to what is happening around us. So many of us here claim to be Christians, so it is about time that we realize that being one means being your brother’s keeper.

It is as simple and as complicated at that…

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