Life After COVID-19

I know there are many people trying to predict what life will look like after we defeat this 19th version of COVID. Being a techie I found the predictions of Bill Gates to be interesting. Here a a few of his predictions:

Remote meetings will be normalized

I can remember my time in the corporate world where most business meeting took place face-to-face. It was always said that you didn’t understand your customer unless you were across the table from them.  That has changed a lot since I left and it will change even more when this pandemic is behind us.

Virtual meeting are getting more common place during this pandemic and will become the norm in the future.  I always thought what a waste of my time and money it was to have to spend two days on planes and hotels just to have a two-hour meeting. Zoom, which is one of the virtual meeting apps that has exploded on the scene will almost completely do away with that. I had my first virtual doctor’s appointment recently and it worked out fine. Of course some face time will still be required for that as it’s hard to learn anything from “breathe in… breath out” virtually.

Companies will share office space

The idea of sharing office space seems rather contrary to the persona of most corporations. Just look at the massive 21st century complex that Apple just built for their primary employees! Can you image them closing that down and moving employees to a rental space? But it just may happen. I have seen more and more announcements that tech companies are making working remotely a standard practice….

“I think people will go to the office less. You could even share offices with a company that has its employees coming in on different days than your employees are coming in,” Gates suggests.

We’ll choose to live in different places.

Gates’ primary reason for this happening is that cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and such are just too expensive now. Limited real estate and increasing populations naturally drive up prices. You can’t buy a 100 sq ft shed in Los Angeles for the same price a two bedroom home costs in the Midwest. Yeah, Silicon Valley wages are among the best in the nation but they are quickly eaten up by the cost of living in that area.

I have my own predictions about the future in this area. In a nutshell I think we will become a much more fluid society in the years ahead. So much so, that most people won’t own property but just rent it until it is time to move on. I will be putting out a post about that soon.

Less social contact on the job will mean more in the community

Let’s face it, we for the most part are social animals. We need to be around and interact with others. When we are more isolated in our work environment it just makes sense that we will become more social in our community. If that were to happen maybe our divided country will begin to heal. Isn’t that a nice thought to end this post?

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