Nerve Racking vs Exciting – A Matter of View

“If you’re really open to change you won’t go south.”

This post is mainly about how you view your world. I will use myself and my wife as examples of two different approaches.

I embrace change whenever I find it. In fact, I get down right bored when change doesn’t come around frequently enough. When change doesn’t, I create some for myself. This pandemic, which I pray will mostly be over in a few more quarters just isn’t conducive to much change. When you are stuck inside it is sometimes hard to find exciting things to do.

One way I create change is through my obsessive list making. When things remain placid for too long I put challenges on my to-do list. One of those recent changes was to reformat my four blogs. Many who follow RJsCorner likely come through the WordPress reader and never see those changes. That’s ok, but I like to shake things up on my site on a regular basis.

My wife on the other hand has been doing pretty much the same day-to-day things for our entire 35-year marriage. The tools have changed slightly, but the routine remains the same.

When I told her that she can no longer hook her computer to our home network because she has not upgraded the software for the last eleven years, and it is now susceptible to viruses and malware, she said she was totally stressed thinking that she would have to learn all that “new” stuff, so just unhook her. She has been playing the same board and card games several hours a day forever. It is just too nerve racking to make a change.

Of course this is not the first time I have been exposed to her fear of change or her OCD. I deal with it almost every day. It just seems to me that she expends three times the effort to resist change than what the change itself would actually require.

I guess the moral to this particular chapter of the story is to embrace change as a way of life. If you look at it as nerve wracking instead of exciting you will likely spend more effort to resist than to just accept it. That’s my lesson for today.

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