When You Have Seen One…

It’s nice to see some of the more famous and innovative people out there come out as being Aspies. Like me, most of us who are over 30 years old are self-diagnosed as the Asperger’s Syndrome establishment is almost totally concentrated on young children. Adults with Asperger’s just don’t appear on their radar.

I didn’t know until I say the above article in The Week Magazine that Elon is an Aspie. They also speculate the Bill Gates is included in that crowd along with Albert Einstein. Now, don’t get me wrong, every Aspie is not at the innovative level of these guys, but innovation is one of the traits in the long list of Asperger’s. If you want to learn more about Aspies just click on that subject to the right of this post.

Let me finish off the title on this post.

When you have met one Aspie you have met one Aspie

In other words, no two Aspies are the same. Yeah, there are some characteristics that are common such as avoiding eye contact, sensitivity to smells and tastes, and intense focus, but there are dozens more that are spread out over a large spectrum. But, I will admit that most of what Elon said above I can relate to.

My wife constantly tells me that I say too much when I should keep my mouth shut. After 70+ years I too am pretty good at running ‘human’ in the emulation mode at least for short periods of time. 😎 But running human is not my nature. I think out loud where most choose their words more carefully. When I think something is stupid or shows ignorance I say that. I just don’t hold back. That puts off many people and gets me in trouble sometimes, but I kinda think the world would be a better place if everyone did the same. At least most of the time.

That is just how my brain works…

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