The Hidden Things Close To Home

To get away from the pressures of the day I recently took a two-day trip to Lafayette, Indiana, particularly to the Haan Museum of Indiana Art. This year I am limiting my µRV trips to close to home sites. I stayed at Turkey Run State Park and visited a few museums in Lafayette and a short side trip to Williamsport Indiana.

A Larger View

It is fascinating how we go a thousand miles to see something of interest and have a blind eye to things close to home.

The picture above is from the Haan House sculpture garden. I will be giving you more of these beautiful sculptures in the weeks to come. I will likely visit there again when the pandemic is over as the house itself was closed except for scheduled private tours.

The side trip to Williamsport was supposed to be an early settlement in Indiana with many old mansions, but I had trouble locating them. So, to me it was just seemed like another typical Indiana small town.

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Things Close To Home

  1. We are blessed with quite a few special and interesting things to see and do in this part of the country, including very nice state parks. A few years ago we set the goal of taking our Grandchildren to ALL of Indiana’s 30+ State Parks. After we visit two more this coming weekend, we’ll be 2/3 of the way to our goal!


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Jackie. I haven’t been keeping track, but I have been to most of the State Parks. I live just a couple of miles from the first one. They are great places to stay with my µRV. I also love the easy way to make reservations for those of us who are deaf.


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