If you believe all these conspiracy theories that people dream up, you are probably convinced that COVID-19 was a China plan to wreck America. Or maybe it was a Russian plan? I don’t keep track of all these things. And of course, these same LMPIs (Lazy Minded/Proudly Ignorant) have decided that the pandemic is all made up and no one has really died from it. Then there is the one about the vaccine really being about micro-bots that will take control of your body!

It is totally unfathomable to me that ANYONE could actually believe these things!

But one thing that IS absolutely certain is that this fourth surge of hospitalizations and deaths are the fault of the anti-vaxxers, aka. LMPIs. I wonder if any of them have enough gumption to even admit that fact? If they had just used a micro-ounce of their brain matter, we could have prevented this round from happening and be well on our way to some form of normalcy.

It looks like all of us will likely have to put our masks back on to protect these people from themselves!

Shame on you for not staying informed about such a critical issue. Shame on you for taking your marching orders for a deranged narcissist instead of exercising your brain a little and looking at the facts.

Given that almost a third of our population seem to be LMPIs, it is unlikely that we will ever reach herd-immunity. The only hope we have is that enough of these conspiracy-minded folks become infected to maybe reach that level. I don’t know how many of them have to die before they give up their futile allegiances and hare-brained conspiracies? Maybe all of them…

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