Personal Favorites?

I am quickly approaching 5,000 posts here on RJsCorner. I know some of you browse my past writings, but at best that is a hit/miss type thing. So, I am starting up a new category which will be shown at the top of each post page at this blogsite. It is called “Personal Favorites”. I imagine writers are supposed to be like parents, we are not supposed to have favorites among our children. I know I am weird, but I kinda think of my writing as bringing something new into the world. So, you could say I have 5,000 kids. I just want to give you another opportunity to read posts that I am particularly proud of and maybe didn’t get the attention I think they deserved the first time.🥴

Another reason for trying to find my favorite posts is that I will soon join other writers at “The Medium” and I want to put some of my best work there. But, I gotta find them first…

If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to get them.

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