Here’s To You Greta…

You came on the world scene at the age of 11 when you started school strikes to do what you could to make people pay attention to climate change. You stopped eating and talking and fell into depression that scared your parents. You proved that even at 11 you could do your part. Even though you were autistic, you could get people top pay attention to you. I’m sure you have become a role model to many others. If I had been born 65 years later, I would have been one of them. Heck, I am one of them anyway.

I see you turned 18 recently and have become an independent young woman living in your own apartment in Stockholm. That surprised even your parents. Like many Aspies you didn’t have many friends when you started your protests. Your only good friend at that time was your teacher. The other kids just didn’t understand you. Now that you are on your own you have many friends, some also with autism.

Keep up your eco-activation until the world takes it as seriously as you do. You will certainly be one of the leaders of your generation for decades to come. I’m proud of you, young lady.