RetComLive #26 – Who’s Who??

I am finding that one of the hardest things about living in my retirement community is learning who is who. I’m not certain, but I think there are about 400 of us living here, and after six months I can maybe put six names to faces. The staff always wear their name tags, so knowing them by name is easy-peasy.

I am getting off-topic here for a little, but with purpose, so bear with me.

The executive director here has a monthly meeting with the residents to answer any questions they might have and to give the newcomers, like me, some valuable info. This month, because of Omicron, it was a virtual thing. There was a box in the mail room, to put questions in, and she would answer them via paper or from a video shown in the common area.

This is just another example of where an on-line presence would greatly benefit our community. Showing a video in the common area is not much better than actually meeting in person, as far as the pandemic goes. I opted to read the written answers. I know all this sounds kinda off-topic to you, but it is related to the matters of this post. So, let’s get back to it.

In the written copies of this month’s virtual meeting with the executive director, she mentioned that

“name tags are given to residents upon arrival to our community. We encourage residents to wear them to activities and dining so that they can get to know one another.”

A couple of things about that, is that even though I have been here for six months, I have never seen a resident wear a name tag. Secondly, I was never given one when I came here?

I certainly agree with her comment above, that it would be infinitely easier for me to get to know people by name if they wore name tags. I am an Aspie, and facial recognition and social situations are always somewhat difficult for me. Without a name makes it almost impossible.

I am beginning to understand the group mentality of my community, that is the unspoken rules they live by, and what they expect of those living around them, and those serving them. That will be the subject for a future post here. I can’t do anything about others who don’t wear a name tag, but I can get one for myself and wear it regularly. Maybe I will start a trend? 😎

I got my name tag from the retirement community, but it is a clunker. Its one of those over-your-neck paper ones that you have to wear when you are on a bus tour. I can understand why folks don’t wear them. I have just ordered a $10 plastic engraved one that I will wear when it comes in.

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