Kentucky Artisan Center

As soon as my µRV gets out of the shop from fixing my cruise control I am going to take it for an overnight shakedown trip just to make sure everything is just right. The destination is The Kentucky Artisan Center which is near Berea KY and about 150 miles away. I have been there once before and picked up one of these creatures, I intend to get another one.

On my way back I will stop at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, near Lexington KY. I have been there more times than I can count. It is such a peaceful place for me to visit…

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Artisan Center

  1. That sounds like a perfect shakedown trip. I was finally able to get Evusheld, the prophylactic, long-lasting bi-clonal therapeutic for people like me who are either immunocompromised and won’t benefit at all or as much from a vax or those who cannot vax because of a prior serious reaction. I qualified on both counts. I’ve been advised to still be careful about contacts, so our “shakedown” trips were short ones: a trip away to meet one adult daughter and family at the Ladybird Wildflower Center and another 40 minutes the other direction to visit a Wendish museum and pick up some batik and embossed decorated eggs in the Wendish tradition.

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  2. Thanks for the update, Linda. I sympathize with your troubles and hope this pandemic ends soon. It’s good that you got out for your own roadtrip, even if it was a short one. Family visits are the best.

    My first major stop on this extended roadtrip is to see my older brother in Florida. We were stripped apart due to divorce when I was nine years old. I missed my big brother terribly. Over the years we simply lost contact and I have not seen him for less than a handful of times. I am hoping that we can reconnect before it is too late. I know he is a different person now, but I hope he still has a little “Ronnie” in him even though that has not been his name for over sixty years.

    Get out as much as you safely can and be careful when you do…


  3. A great place to grab a good meal while you are in that area would be the restaurant at Boones Tavern, which is staff by students at Berea college. If you do go there, be sure to sample their signature Spoon Bread.
    Safe travels and enjoy your trip.


  4. I am looking forward to your adventures. We have not been on any trips in our caravan for some time and hopefully I will have some blog posts to share if and when we travel again. I am enjoying your posts and hope your trip away will give you enjoyment and hope you meet some other travellers to swap stories with. I enjoy meeting many of the travellers on our trips, some are very entertaining and others we are happy to only spend a short time with!


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