On-The-Road Epilogue #4 – The Dali Museum

Venus de Milo with drawers

I have spent a lifetime studying American history, and a big part of that has been visiting museums. I dare not even try to count how many I have been in. There are many types of museums, and until recently the American history version has been my favorite. But, it seems in my elderly years Avant-Garde things are the front-runner.

I now just seem to be attracted to what you can only see in your mind’s eye. So, when I visited my brother in St. Pete Florida, I simply had to go to the Dali Museum. Salvador Dalí is considered the godfather of modern art. He was doing that venue in the 1920s long before most others.

My brother is just not into Avant-Garde, but I convinced him and his wife to visit the museum with me. Most other type of paintings, when you look at them, you immediately understand what the picture is telling you. Modern art is different. It takes time to study the image to see what it tells you. I kinda think that everyone has their own interpretation of what a modern art picture is about, and even that likely changes over time. I enjoy that idea. Then, there are images such as the one above that are just supposed to rattle you a little. 🤪

Until I visited this museum, I didn’t realize that Sigmund Freud had such an effect on Dali. They both came into providence about the same time. Dali said that Freud taught him that our dreams are just as real as our conscious life, so he painted what his dreams showed him. I know I have some pretty crazy dreams, but I would never attempt to put them into serious words. Well, never, is a long time so many I shouldn’t discount that possibility.

Here are some of the pictures I took while at the museum. I think the captions I have added explain my feelings about them. (click on any of them to see a larger image)

I see this one as saying we are all in the driver’s seat in our lives. It is up to us to take what we want from life. Or at least something like that.
I think this one was entitled “The Second Vatican Council”. You can make your own interpretation. There is a lot of detail in the painting if you just study it a while.
This one also is religious in nature. I have yet to try to interpret what is means. 🥴
You can make your own interpretation…
I think this was a Picasso
I love the perspective of this one. It is obvious that you are in Florida.

2 thoughts on “On-The-Road Epilogue #4 – The Dali Museum

  1. Wonderful! I laughed out loud at the Venus de Milo with drawers. The others are very thought provoking. Vatican II painting has a lot of familiar symbolism for someone raised Catholic. 😉


    1. Hi Laurel. You and I had the same reactions. I definitely LOL at Venus. And the details of the Vatican II brought back memories. My photo, even when you click it for a larger version, doesn’t show as much details as the 3×4 ft version does.


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