An Interesting Observation From Great Britain

I spend about an hour or so every morning reading the latest news. About 50% of that time is with U.S. sources, the rest is outside our borders. It’s nice to get a different perspective on the problems of the world. Several of my daily sources are from Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. If I were to suddenly become a world traveler those are the countries I would visit first.

I was browsing a G.B. source and found one of the MP (Congressmen) talk about Britain not being able to get enough waiters and other service people to fully open their businesses. He said that one of the most likely causes of that shortage is their immigration restrictions. Is that also a possibility in the U.S.?

I know the MAGA folks have been lashing out about foreigner stealing their jobs, but what if they are really just taking jobs that U.S. citizens don’t seem to want?

One thought on “An Interesting Observation From Great Britain

  1. Certainly possible. I don’t think it’s any easier to be an immigrant there than here. But Brexit has caused some crazy problems there and inflation hasn’t helped — it’s worse there than here. Not really sure they thought out Brexit very well.

    This is going to be a hard winter there. My DD lives there and their heat bills have really gone up. AND, they’re projected to rise again in January. Apparently they have no laws (as we do) that restrict utilities from multiple price hikes within a specified time frame. And to add insult to injury, the houses there are not built for energy efficiency…many are really old and drafty.


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