Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

Is the Republican Party insuring its own demise by it continuing to focus on a narrower and narrower core group.  I want to believe this is the case as the alternative is that we as a country are now dominated by exclusion.  Being against things, particularly different groups of people, is what has been driving the Republican primaries lately. It has pushed their final candidate over to the extreme right of the political spectrum. Can the Republicans maintain a party that far off the center of American Politics?

It seems like everyday the Republican party members alienate yet another group of voters.

  • They are for rounding up all the people in this country without the proper papers and shipping them out of the country.  They seem to have no compassion for those who are just trying to provide for their families. This is alienating most Spanish-speaking voters.
  • They are against birth control. This is alienating many women voters.
  • They are against continuing to fund Medicare. They want to turn it over to the private insurance companies. This is alienating many senior citizen voters (and they are the most active voters around)
  • They are against providing medical care via Medicaid to the poorest of the poor.  Even though this group is not a strong voting block there are those who do vote and have compassion for this group.
  • They are against religious diversity. They say this is a “Christian” nation. By this they are alienating Muslims, Hindi, Buddhists, and other non-Christian religious groups.
  • They are against Social Security. They want to make each person entirely on their own during their senior years. This is a double whammy for us seniors.

The Republicans seem to be against so much and for so little how can they maintain a Republican base? It seems that one of the only groups they are not alienating are white evangelical Christians , particularly those ironically who lack compassion for their fellow-man. Someday this group might even take to heart the commands of Jesus, their founder, and at least some a minimal amount of compassion for the “least of these”.

Another group who they are not presently alienating are those that see governments only role in society is to provide for our war machine.  Everything else to this particular group is deemed unconstitutional. We have a female who is running for congress in my district who proudly announces that she is home schooled on the constitution. She basically says after her self study she has determined that the federal government’s only role is to provide for defense. Everything else, according to her, is unconstitutional!

The last and maybe the biggest group of supporters to the current Republican party are those that just want the government out of their pocket books.  Today they are known as the “Tea Party” but have had many other names through the years. They don’t see  “providing for the general welfare”, as a necessary role for their government to be involved in. They seem to care little about anyone but themselves.

Where will future Republicans come from? If they end up having no core support can they even exist?

6 thoughts on “Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

  1. The radical of either party is not what the norm is. I have voted both sides. I attended both Reagan’s and Obama’s swearing in. The norm in the country is currently center right. I wonder how that will change as the oldest generation passes away.

    On the other side of your arguement the radical left could be charaterized by:

    Rejection of all religion in society
    Abortion as a common form of birth control
    Everyone on free health care. Procedures should be rationed.
    Only the people who make a lot of money paying taxes.
    Letting all people into the country without restriction or need to pay for services they use- including the police to protect them.
    The minority is more important than the majority. Individual perception of right and wrong is more important than the society’s right or wrong.
    No minorities should be jailed.
    The best way to control society is not to have children.
    If given the chance all people are good and would never harm anyone.


  2. First of all, the description of the Right by R.J. is based on exactly what the Tea Party and Co have actually said. I live in the land of Michelle Bachman so I have actually heard these kind of statements. Jan has a list of extreme exaggerations of what she thinks the left is all about. All this craziness and misunderstanding just goes to show us that we have a vacuum of leadership in this country. Perhaps the time is ripe for a new..third party..if only a strong leader could come forward and provide a sane and stable foundation to move our country forward.


  3. Jan has overstated some of the liberal positions, but her point is valid: there are extreme views on both sides of the aisle. Jane, do you believe one leader can get through all the hate and misinformation flowing freely through our society? I’m afraid our present state would not change even under the influence of another Lincoln.

    RJ’s line about us being dominated by exclusion is so very accurate. And, I must add, as a Christian, I get very disappointed at those who claim to follow Jesus but apparently don’t believe his central themes. They are no more Christian than I am Buddhist.


    1. No, you’re right, Bob. No one person can change our condition and turn around all the hatred and greed. Off the top of my head, I was just thinking that one wise and genuine leader might encourage others to step forward and we might start to heal our wounds. Maybe by not having ties to either party as they are now. Whatever. Not gonna happen.
      I’m just day-dreaming again:)


  4. Well it looks like we are having some interesting discussions while I have been away. 🙂 Thanks Jan for pointing out that due to the fringes each party is tagged with radical beliefs. You are certainly right about that. One thing that makes me smile here is how all of us can give opinions without resulting to screaming at each other. This seems rare these days.

    I am convinced that most of the problems are actually with the current leadership of the two parties. They have just come to despise each other. If the leaders let loose of their strangle hold of its members saner minds would likely rule. One thing about Washington is that it is all about power and in congress that means being on the right committees. It is common knowledge that if you don’t tow the line as the leaders dictate you will lose your committee assignments and therefore your power.

    I look back at the McCarthy years in the Senate of the 1950s and see it gripped in a stranglehold by one senator from Wisconsin. After several years of fear this was broken. I can only dream that the same thing might occur this time too. But, how it will happen I don’t have the slightest idea.

    Yes, there is a definite ideological foundation to each party but that doesn’t mean that members of the other party totally reject what I hold dear. In reality all of us just want what we think is best for the country. There are no evil players just wishing for its destruction as so many of us accuse others of.


  5. :>) Jane, the Tea Party does NOT represent the Republican party. They represent themselves. They are the extreme- just as the Democrats have extremes. And I have heard all of those statements from different leaders from the Democratic side more than once. Fortunately, I do not believe they represent the majority.
    I agree with you RJ, my largest concern is the forward movement of the country. I have lived in countries that are not tolerant of anything that the the leaders do not want. Both Saudi ( Theocracy) and China (Communist) have their ways of handling people outside of the norm (which often includes immediate death).
    It is so difficult to see a balance with the extremes being the people with the bully pulpit. How can we find that middle person to represent us?


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