I Believe In A Different America

I am often a contrarian when it comes to views of today’s world, so for this my 74th birthday I want to post a view of America that I still believe in.

Maybe I believe in an America that no longer exists, but I refuse to believe that where we are now is a long term thing. My America is not one of hate, or fear, or disunity, but one of trust, promise, and empathy. It is about looking forward with enthusiasm instead of backwards with a fortress mentality.

Because of my Aspie traits I am ruled by logic and that is what so many seem to now be totally lacking. I simply can’t fathom their worldview as a way of living.

  • I wish I knew the soothing words I could say to the MAGA folks to dispel their fears and anxiety.
  • I wish I could turn them away from their dark views to see that our best days are ahead of us.
  • I wish I could convince them that diversity is much more beneficial than clinging to white power.

America is and has always been a grand experiment and that by definition is a messy thing to be. We are constantly re-defining ourselves. That is what I love about this country. It is a constantly evolving process for us. Most of the time that evolution is just not fast enough for me, but I realize it scares many by its speed.

I am an eternal optimist, so I want to believe in a better America for tomorrow.

Today I begin my 75th year on this planet. I hope, but don’t expect, I have a decade more to see all the miraculous things that are yet to come.

4 thoughts on “I Believe In A Different America

  1. Happy birthday, my friend.

    I join you in thinking better days are ahead. We could emerge from the dark days of Trump with a new openness to differences, a more realistic view of our country’s historical shortcomings, and a dedication to fulfilling the promise of our founding.

    I am well aware that even with a Biden victory the country will have a distressing few months of lame duck horror. But, those will be the final frantic acts of a mutant time in our history, one that will pass away and become fodder for study in the years ahead.


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