I Wish I Was 30 Again…

I know I am on the 2020 Election battlefield for another 43 days but sometimes you just gotta take a break. That’s what I am doing with this post

George Burns sang he wished he was 80 again, he lived to be 100 years and 2 months old. Well, I likely won’t even reach the age of 80, so I want to wish I was in my 30s, and know what I know now! 🤓 But, I need a little lead-up to explain stuff before I can tell you why. So, that is what I am going to tackle first. 😎

All my life I have been an extremely focused person. It would be many years before I found out that that was primarily due to my Aspie traits. In an instant I can tune out the rest of the world and be by myself. I didn’t find the ultimate degree of focus until I bought my first personal computer, a TRS-80, in 1978 . It costs about $450 and came with a 16K of 8-bit memory. Even my refrigerator has more computing power than that machine did.

I spent hours and hours learning MSBasic, which was the programming language for that machine. I can remember getting home from work on a Friday afternoon and going immediately to my new computer. I would not get up from that desk, except to go to the bathroom and get a quick snack until noon on Sunday! Within a year the Macintosh computer was introduced and I talked my boss into getting me one for work. It would not be long before I had my whole department jerryrigged together in an “unofficial” network of Macs.

It was 1994 that I officially made the move to the IT department and found the job of my dreams. The first thing to do was to convince my superiors that desktop computers were the future. The second was to develop apps that allowed engineers to do their job better and quicker. When I retired in 2000 I was running a team of developers in making applications that would work over the Internet.

Now to get to the point of this post. If I were born in 1990 I wouldn’t have had to wait twenty years before my dream job was created. I’m sure I would have been an Internet wiz kid from the get go and I’m pretty sure I would be a go-to authority by the age of thirty. I envy thirty-year-olds today in what the future holds for them. It will be nothing like when I was their age.

I wish I were 30 again…

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