Here’s To You California..

¬†¬†I will be the first to admit that I have only been in California on a handful of occasions and only once in the 21st century. But here is my gallery celebrating your State. ¬†I visited San Francisco and those pictures will be coming soon. But for this gallery I want to concentrate on the central farm lands and such. Here is a gallery of … Continue reading Here’s To You California..

Automatic voter registration through DMV

Gov. Jerry Brown acted Saturday to increase participation in California elections and help prevent shootings at colleges, approving automatic voter registration and banning concealed weapons on campuses. Source: Jerry Brown OKs automatic voter registration through DMV – LA Times California has always been kind of “out there” for me but they do things that need to be done much before most other States. Where most … Continue reading Automatic voter registration through DMV

The Great American Garden Basket…

Central California – Garden Basket of America When we visited central California in 2009 I was expecting to see many vegetable fields but not as big as what I found. The picture above is of an artichoke field of probably 3,000 acres. I never imagined that many artichokes were even consumed by us.¬† Without California we would be restricted to fresh veggies only while they … Continue reading The Great American Garden Basket…

From The Redwood Forests..

Sequoia National Park, CA – The Mighty Redwoods Until you have been up close and personal with a mammoth redwood tree you just don’t understand the majesty of them. My most recent encounter with them was in the Sequoia National Forest. Yes, that is me in the picture. I don’t think redwoods grow anywhere else in the world so they are very American.¬† I am … Continue reading From The Redwood Forests..

Epic California Drought Could Change the Way We Eat

California is America‚Äôs bread basket‚ÄĒor, more accurately, its fruits and vegetables basket. The Golden State produces 95 percent of the country‚Äôs celery, half of its bell peppers, 89 percent of its cauliflower, 96 percent of its tomatoes, 95 percent of its garlic, 90 percent of its avocados‚ÄĒand the list goes on. In fact, the state accounts for nearly one-fifth of the entire agricultural output of … Continue reading Epic California Drought Could Change the Way We Eat

Trip Log – California dreaming….

Here is my synopsis of California as I promised yesterday.¬† California is indeed a very beautiful State and the weather is great.¬† The great redwoods in the northern part of the State are awesome along with mile after mile of pristine shoreline. But I think just way too many people have ¬†“discovered” California.¬† 30 million people; wow! After seeing the local news for almost 4 … Continue reading Trip Log – California dreaming….

Trip Log – Veggies, veggies, veggies (in search of Garlic)

We started our day with a quick stroll back to Fisherman’s Wharf to see the Aquarium there.¬† Quick that is considering all the walking we did yesterday (ha).¬† The aquarium was outstanding.¬† The first picture above was of some Luner Jellyfish. They looked unreal but they were indeed real.¬† We then walked through over 100 feet of clear tubes where the SF Bay water was … Continue reading Trip Log – Veggies, veggies, veggies (in search of Garlic)

Trip Log – Oh those redwoods are BIG…

I am making this post on Saturday morning, or afternoon for everyone in Indiana.¬† Yes, we did make it into California yesterday as evidenced by the sign above.¬† We entered the State on Hwy 101 so it was a rather modest sign to introduce us to the State. We spent most of yesterday going through the redwood forests of northern California. Yes, they are BIG.¬† … Continue reading Trip Log – Oh those redwoods are BIG…