Trip Log – Grape Country

SL Sonoma GrapesI am posting this Sunday morning as I was just too lazy to do it last night.  We spent Saturday mostly on the road to grape country.  We stopped in Santa Rosa to get info from the visitors center.  This was the first chance we had to get Statewide info. The people there recommended we go to Sonoma for our vineyard tours so we headed down that way.  For the last 50 miles or so of our traveling, we saw field after field on grapes.  I knew grape country must be big but I didn’t imagine it was as big as it is. Today, Sunday, we will visit a few winery’s in the area and of course do some taste testing.  We are also, for the first time on this trip going to stay at one hotel for two days. We are currently in the El Pablo Inn in Sonoma and it is very nice. Lush gardens outside our patio door.  I am sitting on the patio now as the wifi connection is pretty weak in the room. It is great to be out here doing this. I would almost like to stay here all day.

Tomorrow we will be heading into San Francisco. It is less than an hours drive from here. We have almost decided to take one of the packaged tours so that we can see everything without the driving.  OnStar is nice,  it did get us to this hotel without any problems, but I imagine driving in San Francisco would be quite a challenge.  After breakfast today I will be looking for a hotel room near the Fisherman’s Wharf to stay tomorrow night.

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