Republican Men Are Toadies

I wonder if the “Duke” (John Wayne) was alive today, whether he would still be a Republican. Maybe you don’t know what “Toadie” is so I will tell you up front. It is a “Suck Up”. That’s what this post is all about.

I came across the article below from my friends at the Medium, and I immediately thought about how that was so contrary to the Republican brand of my generation was about.

Many years ago I was a proud Republican. My first vote for president was Nixon. But, then along came Reagan and the party and what it stood for was beginning to change. Or maybe I just grew up, I don’t know?

I still proclaim to be a fiscal conservative and that was the primary trait of the Republican Party in my days. The above words from the Medium pretty much tell me where the Grand Old Party is in the political world today. Yeah, those who still cling to the brand are either grossly ignorant of what it now stands for, or they are toadies reading their own ransom letters.

I often get accused of painting with too broad a brush here at RJsCorner, so I will end this post with another view. I’m sure not everyone still clinging to the Republican label are toadies. Some are just lost and don’t know where to turn. They see a GOP that is grossly changed from even a few years ago. They want to leave but the social liberals in the Democratic Party are just as ugly as the party they have yet to divorce.

I do feel sorry for these folks, but their straddling the fence is doing no good for them or the nation as a whole. They need to either fight to get the imposters out of the party they once loved or abandon their current affiliations and start looking at the alternatives. The “independent” brand is growing everyday. Why not join them?

All of you guys currently sitting on the fence know about the privacy of the voting booth. You don’t have to admit to your friends that you voted to get the despicable person out of the Oval Office. But maybe if you do there might be a slight chance of resurrecting your party and put it back to its former self. We certainly need a party that holds us to fiscal responsibility, Lord knows the Democrats won’t do it. If you can’t get that done then reinvent the wheel and fight to bring up an alternative. Just quit being a toadie… it is unbecoming to your image.

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