Freedom – Even Freedom To Harm Fellow Citizens

Much of my lifetime and even before the GOP has shown a lack of concern for public health. They vigorously fought Medicare, and Obamacare and just about any form of government subsidized healthcare. The more important thing to them is to “free” us from government rules. Of course, this started in earnest with Reagan’s proclamation that “Government is the problem…” Their mantra has been anything to free us from the government is a good thing. We are seeing this in spades from the GOP in the 21st century. That despicable person in the Oval Office was not the originator of this resistance, he doesn’t have that much intelligence, but he has raised it to an art form. Anything that keeps us from doing whatever we want is proclaimed to be an intolerable hindrance. That certainly includes wearing a mask in a supermarket to prevent unnecessary deaths of fellow citizens. That mantra has caused more totally senseless deaths in the last seven months than all the wars in my lifetime.

That mantra along with the denial of scientific knowledge has caused far too many poor choices and utter selfishness. In the process of becoming an anti-government party they have shed any semblance of their previous selves. The GOP’s conservative principles have long been forgotten. The only thing that matters is they totally control their enemies, and everyone who doesn’t toe the line on their dogmatic doctrine is the enemy. Mitch McConnell made it his life’s purpose to secure the judicial branch in radical-right territory for decades to come even if he has to throw away his reputation to do it. He no longer even pretends to have principles beyond that purpose. The “common good” has lost all meaning to him. His reputation is in shatters but that doesn’t matter to him.

Getting back to our present situations, the GOP is very ready to shed anyone who gets in the way of their “freedom” to do what they want. If that means that a few million of us must die to obtain their goals, so be it. They consider that just collateral damage necessary to accomplish their end. Like Ayn Rand they see empathy as the scourge of mankind.

The amazing thing about all of this are all the lazy minded who blindly follow them over this cliff. If they only re-learned that “freedom” has to be taken with community as its primary purpose otherwise it is nothing but personal greed.

8 Days

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