The Republicans Have Always Felt Victimized…

I’m not sure when the Republican Party stopped being the party of Lincoln and started being the cloaked party of white power. I think it was kind of a slow evolution. But, it is obvious that they now represent the party of white power, the extremely wealthy, and little else. No, I am not talking about the radical fringe hate groups of today. Instead, it is about the feeling that the white man is ordained by their god to be the leaders of the world. So, when I saw a recent New York Times article that said “the Republican Party has always felt victimized by equality” the words rang out for me.

In many ways the white power brokers of today have returned to the roots of our nation. When the constitution was formed white power was the rule of the land. They deemed African Americans as only be worth sixty percent of a white American and Native Americans as being worthless. It would be almost a hundred years before these thoughts were to any degree challenged by the Civil War and another hundred before minorities had any sense of government entitlement.

The New York Times article had the words below:

Say this for Republicans: They are very good at umbrage. It might even be sincere; from Reconstruction to the New Deal to the civil rights revolution, conservatives have long felt genuinely victimized by the prospect of equality. That doesn’t mean, however, that bad-faith right-wing arguments about the courts merit a respectful hearing

New York Times October 13, 2020

If you look at what is happening now with those thoughts in mind, I can see where the GOP genuinely feel victimized by the idea of equality of all. When Jefferson put in the Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal” it did not go unnoticed by the ratifiers. There was quite a discussion about it but it was left in place because everyone during those times knew “men” were defined as white property owners.

Given that mentality I can see why they are so panicked. I certainly don’t condone it but I do understand it. They are panicked because even now the Democrats are setting up the Protect Our Democracy Act, which is an omnibus bill to, among other things, strengthen the subpoena power of Congress, limit presidential use of emergency declarations, and other processes that are used to circumvent the congressional confirmation process. Since Democrats will soon control of the Oval Office and possibly the Senate it will certainly be a part of their immediate agenda.

The Democrats are intent on putting more power into the hands of all the people and that terrifies the GOP. This will eventually be resolved by one of two ways. Either the GOP softens drastically on elite white power stance or they will eventually cease to exist and another party will be formed to take their place representing fiscal responsibility and limited government. Which of the two possibilities happen is right now solely up to the GOP leadership. The clock is ticking on that happening and they simply can’t stop it. Either they accept full representation of all factions of the population or their demise is almost certain. It will be interesting to see the road they go down…

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