Teddy Roosevelt…


I think Teddy Roosevelt was probably my second all-time favorite Republican. Of course Lincoln was number one.  If only Mr. Bush had  followed in his fellow Republican’s footsteps one hundred years later instead of going to the opposite extreme. Thank you President Roosevelt for taking the bully pulpit as a trust buster for the common good of the people.

The Symptom Or The Cause????

I often wonder just what has caused the gridlock that has dominated our national politics of the last few years.  Is the cause all those wing nuts that are now holding down seats in our congress? I want to believe that if we could just get rid of those guys everything might return to normal, whatever that is. But are those yahoos the cause or just a symptom of our problems?

It is widely acknowledged that over 80% of both the Republican and Democratic members of congress are in safe districts. That is to say they they will get re-elected almost no matter what they do or don’t do. So, maybe it turns out that the real cause of our recent problems is with the people who elect these people regardless of their performance.

To me there just seems to be a moral breakdown within our society today.  A big part of that breakdown I believe is dominated by fear. Since around 1980 things have lost almost any semblance of security.

  • Jobs which were once thought to be a thirty year and out thing has virtually disappeared. It seems most people will now change jobs at least seven times during their working life.
  • Retirement used to be an almost sure thing for many of us.  We had jobs with secured pensions. We are now pretty much on our own and we fear that we will not manage to save enough because we simply don’t earn enough to put away the required amounts and still put food on the table. 
  • And then there was 9/11.

Fear just seems to dominate much of our thinking now days. When we are fearful of so much we tend to fold back upon ourselves and our primal needs. We quit thinking about the common good and think only about self. One of the aspects of this fear is that we fear that others are taking away from us because they are getting things they don’t deserve. 

Obamacare, What Is Seldom Heard….

In a country discouraged by last month’s health care rollout and corresponding widespread problems, Erin Kotecki Vest and her family are rejoicing. Obamacare will save them almost $19,000 each year.

“When the president says no family should lose their home because someone got sick, no family should go bankrupt because somebody got sick, that is us. That is absolutely us.”  SOURCE: Obamacare to save family $18,900 | MSNBC.

Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again….

WisdomI have been in a philosophical mode lately and one of the things on my mind is the fact that in at least the last twenty years or so we just can’t seem to be able to learn from others mistakes. We seem to be locked in a mode of doing the same stupid thing over and over again. Too bad we don’t have a book with all the answers. But, of course, it would have to now be an e-book and have a robust search widget. People just don’t have the patience anymore to actually read a whole book.

One of the reasons for continually making the same mistakes is that wisdom just seems to be a forgotten thing now days. All of us old people who are looking back realize that when we were young we thought we knew it all but as we aged we realized that was far from the truth.  We learned many many lessons in life that, if we had that knowledge earlier, would have caused us to make different decisions.  That is called learning from our mistakes….

It is one thing to learn from our own mistakes but even more useful is to learn from other’s mistakes so that we don’t have to repeat the same errors in judgment. The basic problem with learning from history is that people just don’t seem to value the wisdom that comes with age anymore.  Most young people today see old people as those who lived in the dark ages before the Internet, cell phones, and instant communications. They simply can’t fathom that we might just have something to teach them about life. That we might just have some answers to their current queries.

It takes wisdom to realize that, yes the tools each generation uses continues to change but the basic questions of life remain the same. Here I am preaching about wisdom when I know that I too didn’t put much value on the wisdom of my elders. As a result I’m sure I made many mistakes in life that could have been avoided if only I had asked.  None of us have a book of answers but many of us have answers that could be put in the book for others to learn…..

The ‘Other Gospel’ was easier


I admit that I find the gospel of partnering with God for the healing of the world much, much harder than the gospel of God loves you and wants to give you a ticket to heaven.

It’s harder emotionally, physically, financially, socially and culturally. It’s tiring. Without the Holy Spirit, without worship, without community I’d give up and go back to that old gospel. It was easier in those days, for sure.

It was easier when it was about me and my blessing, my healing, my salvation and inviting other people to enjoy my amazing new life. It was much easier when it was about going to church. About finding a Sunday service that made me feel good and affirmed what I already believed. It was easier when I could modify some moral behaviours and then live for myself, my ambition, my convenience and my comfort around that. It was easier when, because I knew my eternity was sorted, I could spend my days accumulating experiences, success, approval, dollars, possessions, relationships and the accolades that come from “ministry”.

SOURCE: Brad Chilcott: The ‘Other Gospel’ was easier | Red Letter Christians.

A World Gone Mad???

2013-11-14_16-48-53The snapshot above was from a Time Magazine article about the 25 best inventions for 2013. Many of the inventions they noted were pretty frivolous in nature but not this one.  Of course we all should have expected that our current drone program is only the beginning. There are trillions of dollars more to be made by our military industrial complex before drones have run their course. This is just a logical next step.  Before long we will be able to kill thousands of our enemies, along with those deemed “collateral damage”, and still make it home for supper!! And this was developed during the administration of a president that won  the Nobel Peace Price in his first year in office and vowed to keep us out of more wars!!  I am afraid that this is just the beginning of a world gone mad.

How Franklin Graham Is Using His Aging Father

Many conservative Evangelicals who trust leaders like Franklin Graham to shepherd them faithfully in the Good News of Jesus have been swept away in the unfortunate movement to transform them from being the “People of Good News” to, quite literally, the “People of FOX News.” Franklin seems to have fallen prey to the power and platform of the Tea Party/Religious Right and has begun manipulating his father’s honorable name and ministry to promote a political agenda. This was never more clearly demonstrated than at Billy Graham’s 95th birthday celebration last week. Take a look at this photo from the event: 2013-11-12_16-45-08 Pictured here are just some of the notable guests at the celebration, including Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Rupert Murdoch, and Greta VanSustern. (This list could also be known as the Tea Party Power Players Also Note: Glenn Beck is not pictured here but was also in attendance) This picture makes my stomach churn. It’s hard to imagine that Billy Graham would ever want to host such a gathering of these extreme republican high-ballers. It s obvious that there’s more going on behind this picture.

SOURCE:  From “Good News” to FOX News: How Franklin Graham Is Using His Aging Father | Brandan Robertson | Red Letter Christians.

I have read several books by Billy Graham and have watched a few of his crusades throughout the world.  He was a religious advisor to several presidents both Republican and Democrat. His ministry was about Jesus and Jesus alone.  It totally shocks me to see what his son Franklin has done to Billy’s ministry.  He seems to parade his senile and very aged father around to promote his political agenda. That is something that his father absolutely would never have permitted when he was of sound mind and body.

I know that by converting his father’s organization over to an extreme right political agenda probably brings in more money from the radicals like Murdock, Trump, and all the Fox News ranting heads but what are the consequences?  I pray that someday Franklin is held accountable for totally tainting his father’s lifelong ministry for more power, money,  and political gain for himself. How tragically sad is that??????

No Flesh In The Game……

2013-11-10_16-52-31War Crimes and Misdemeanors HEY PRESIDENT OBAMA: The Nobel Peace Prize committee is calling. They want their medal back. The coveted award, which many felt was premature, at best, when bestowed during the president’s first year in office, was seriously tarnished in the eyes of many by his escalation of the war in Afghanistan and other military endeavors. But Obama’s role in waging drone warfare—particularly in Pakistan and Yemen—has made a mockery of the prize that Alfred Nobel said should go to the person “who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations.”

Obama’s drone attacks—according to a May investigation by The New York Times, Daniel Klaidman’s new book Kill or Capture, and other sources—are arguably in direct violation of U.S. and international law, and immoral to boot. The drone attacks started out with clear rules: Only target those who represent a direct threat to the United States. Those rules soon went out the door—a senior U.S. official called it a “little liberalization that went on in the kill lists,” according to The Washington Post, while a former counterterrorism official said that “the elasticity of that has grown over time.”

SOURCE: War Crimes and Misdemeanors – Jim Rice | Sojourners Magazine – August 2012.

This article has been sitting on my desk for almost a year now waiting for attention. I am glad I finally uncovered it. It deserves attention. Like all previous presidents there are things I like and also dislike about our current one. I thank him for at least getting us started down the path of universal healthcare.  Even if what he is finally implementing was for the most part a Republican plan from a couple of decades ago and one that had already been implemented in the State of Massachusetts. I guess getting even that through this totally obstructionist GOP House was still quite a feat.

One of the things I very much dislike about our current president is his use of robot drone warfare. They say, and I believe rightly so, that the drone program is the best recruiter for Al Qaeda. But what scares me even more it the concept of having “no skin in the game”. When a country has robots to kill their enemies they have no risk of lost of life of their own so it is easier to hit the “kill” button. Every thing about this drone program is veiled in secrecy. We simply don’t know what the process is to order a kill of a person and resulting collateral damage (that means innocent lives).

Yes, we appear to presently be the only country to have killer drones at our disposal. But how long do you think that is really going to last? What happens when our enemies, whoever they are at the time, decide to strike us with robot killers.  Are we really ready for that scenario? I’m sure one result would be that we would launch our killer robots on them and then things would likely escalate beyond that.

I watch enough sci-fi movies to see the utter consequences of killer robot drones. Why can’t those currently in power, especially Mr. Obama realize that his present actions will likely have dire future consequences?

Man’s Best Friend…

Dogs“No man can be condemned for owning a dog. In fact you admire him, ’cause as long he’s got a dog he’s got a friend, and the poorer he gets the better friend he has.” – Will Rogers, 8 May 1927

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in some ways, we were more like our canine friends. They don’t judge us on how much money we make or how many friends we have on FaceBook. They simply love us for who we are. It doesn’t matter that we might be physically or mentally impaired in one way or another, or even if we were homeless. They love us anyway.  I believe that every person can learn something from any other person if only we take the time to do that. Maybe I should add dogs to that list. They seem to be better than us at learning some life lessons than we are.

I love my wife of twenty-eight years but still get annoyed when she tries to change me in one way or another. But that is just her nature; she seems to have it as a primary task in life to make me a “better” person. Now I am not saying that I couldn’t use some improvements but I kind of like myself just as I am, weirdness and all.🙂

All my life I have had dogs around and I can’t remember a single one who didn’t love me just for who I am.

Legalizing Pot….

MJLegislators in Mexico City, the largest city in North America, are preparing to push through certain measures that would decriminalize and regulate the consumption of marijuana in the Mexican capital, a move that may speed pot legalization elsewhere in the continent

SOURCE:  North America’s Largest City Moves to Legalize Pot | TIME.com.

I want to warn you up front that this post has no deep knowledge behind it.  I have not studied all the statistics and history of legalizing marijuana, nor do I have any personal experiences with it. I am only speaking from my knowledge of history and what I believe is common sense. But of course my common sense may be quite different from your common sense.

  • Would it be better for alcoholics if all alcoholic beverages disappeared? Undoubted so. It would take the source of the addiction away.
  • Would it be better for the addicted smoker (all smokers are addicted at one level or another) if tobacco disappeared? Undoubtedly so. It would take the source of the addiction away.
  • Would it be better for if there were no guns in the world? Undoubtedly so. It would reduce the hundreds of needless deaths that occur every day.

Undoubtedly if there were no marijuana in the world there would likely be fewer people that go on to become addicted to other  more damaging drugs. But, as is the case with each of the bullets above that is not likely to happen. We tried to eliminate alcohol decades ago only to turn it underground. We have taken steps to make tobacco more expensive and that has helped reduce it use but teenagers still get hooked on it when they use it to rebel against authority. We know through most other countries that restricting guns saves thousands of lives a year and billions of dollars in less crime but we still can’t even pass any restrictions on their sale. 

Is it time to give up on our war with marijuana? Is that war costing us many times more than what its elimination would accomplish? I guess we will be finding that out in the not too distant future.


REENSBORO, N.C. Police say one person has been shot at North Carolina A&T State University, prompting a brief campus lockdown.

Greensboro Police Department said in a statement Saturday night that “one or more” suspects were firing guns near McCain Hall on campus when one of the rounds struck 21-year-old Divine Eatman.

SOURCE: 1 shot at North Carolina A&T State University – CBS News.

Lockdown is a term commonly used in our prison system to mean that all prisoners are to be in their locked cells. It usually occurs when some form of violence occurs within the prison facility. Sadly it is now becoming a quite common term throughout our society. Whenever someone goes over the edge, or even near it,  everyone in the general area must stay locked in their homes or wherever they happen to be.

I could say that this is taking a freedom away from the many so that a few who love their guns can easily get and enjoy them.  Next thing you know the Supreme Court will be ruling that it is ok for anyone to yell “Fire” in a movie theatre since restricting them is a violation of their freedom! I hope you know that I am being facetious here but if things continue the way they are going I wouldn’t be terrible surprised to see that result.

How sad is that??

But I’m just an ordinary guy so what do I know…..

Day to day lives….

FutureThey say it’s the little things that matter. All the little moments that make up our day to day lives. We never seem to appreciate them, nor do we seem to acknowledge the long and impossible road behind us. We rarely stare in the rear view mirror to see what we’ve accomplished so far. We rarely enjoy the ride. We want to get to the destination as fast as possible. We don’t want any dead ends, we don’t want hours and hours of endless nothing.

But the thing is, life’s just a matter of perspective. We become who we think we are, and we see what we choose to see. Spend too much time in the future, admiring a version of you that feels impossible to build, and it’s just as painful and mind-numbing as wallowing yourself in the past.

SOURCE:  Day to day lives « Cristian Mihai.

My young Romanian friend seems to be spending much time on his blog lately trying to raise money. I’m not sure if it is to allow him more time to write or to get the latest book published.  I must admit that I usually only scan those posts and then move on to the next one. But as usual he sometimes comes across with a thought provoking one and this is one of those.

As is typical I think of his generation he seems to be looking almost exclusively to the future. The present and the past just don’t seem important. When most of your days are ahead of you that is a natural course. I know I spent too many hours dreaming of the future when I was his age. Throughout my life I have been plagued with the question “what do I want to do when I grow up?” I spent too much time worrying about the distant future instead of what I could do at the time.

That perspective changes as we age and sometimes changes dramatically when we see more behind us than what is in front. As my young friend notes we never appreciate all the time we spend doing the day-to-day things. We let them pass without much notice. When we are older we spend more time in the past. We wonder what might have been the consequence if we had made this decision instead of that one.  We, well I guess I can only say I, look back to see different possibilities. Part of that is probably because I am never satisfied  with what I have accomplished. I could have done better if I had put my mind to it. I could have done better if I had had the guts to do something differently.

Living in the present is just something that is difficult for me.  Even in these twilight years I am still looking for that something that gives me complete satisfaction. But like perfection, completely satisfying is an unknowable thing.  I don’t know how many years I have left on this earth  but somehow I have to get it through my mind to spend more time in the here and now instead of the past or the future.

Thank you my young friend for helping me to realize that fact.

Ex-felons face barriers to voting rights

When the votes are tallied in Virginia’s race for governor on Tuesday, over 300,000 citizens will be missing from the voting rolls – including 20% of the state’s black population. The reason is not low turnout or voter ID, but a growing and often invisible barrier to voting that is upending elections around the country.

Over 5 million Americans are barred from voting because they have criminal records, according to a report this year from the Sentencing Project. The crackdown on ballot access is so intense, a majority of states actually bar former convicts from voting even after they are released from prison.

SOURCE:  Presumed guilty: Ex-felons face barriers to voting rights | MSNBC.

Except for my fellow blogger Bob Lowry I probably know more felons than most who pen blog pages.  And for the most part these guys are no different from anyone else except for the fact that they made a stupid decision in their lives and paid for it by spending time behind bars.  Our society used to say you do the crime you do the time and then everything is square.

One of the most fundamental rights in a democracy is the right to vote. One person – one vote is critical to maintaining a democratic system.  Most, even in the GOP, recognize that the demographics are constantly being skewed away from the Republican party of mainly WASPS.  But instead of trying to broaden their message to include this new demographics many Republican dominated States are trying to maintain power by restricting the vote.  They figure they can hold off the tide for a number of years by keeping others outside their base from being able to vote. The main way to do that is by eliminating those who might vote against them.


It is alarming to see that over 300,000 citizens in Virginia have been purged from the voting rolls because of having served time in its prison system.  Over 5 million have been purged nationally.  Of course studies have shown that when you restrict voting by this group you “tend to take more votes from Democrats than Republicans. If you look at the map of total exclusion it should come as no surprise that the majority of State who take away voting privileges are in the solid red category.

Prior to the Civil Rights period many of these same States had restrictions of African-Americans from voting. So voting restriction is not a new thing; it is just being taken to a new level by a political party desperate for holding power.

I just don’t think that many people actually are aware how fragile  a working democracy is.  While none of these current attacks on voting rights would probably result in crossing the line, when taken together do jeopardize our country.

An apocryphal story is told of Fosdick meeting a young man for a walk in Central Park. “I’m jealous of your faith,” said the young man. “I’m afraid to ask questions, because I was raised in a faith… Read More

Stagnation is Christianity’s Deadliest Enemy…

I Would Make A Terrible Soldier….

SoldierOne of the things they tell you that you must learn when you become a soldier is to follow orders without any questions or doubts.  It is not up to you to determine if what they order you to do is moral, right, wrong, or any other type of reasoning. That lesson is drummed into you during basic training and throughout your time in the military. Your superiors are the ones who decide what you do. You have little or no input into that process.

I guess I was a typical five-year old in that I constantly asked the question “Why?”  I had to understand as much as I could about what I was seeing or doing. What may not be typical of me is that I never grew out of the “why” mode. To this day I seem to question everything that I am not familiar with. Over the years this constantly asking “why”  has caused me to change courses in my life. Asking too many questions gets me in trouble in several different areas but I guess I am kind of like an addict in that I just can’t stop asking….

Why You Should Pick Apple iOS over Android

2013-11-09_08-49-52Safety Android is the Wild West of phone operating systems. Stock devices largely come unprotected from attack. Sure, Google checks apps and viruses for malware on the Google Play store, but threats can come from anywhere – even via unsecured Wi-Fi locations. The phones are so vulnerable, in fact, that 32.8 million Android devices were infected with malware last year alone.

SOURCE:  4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Apple iOS over Android | TIME.com.

This article contains four reasons why Apple is better than Android. Yes, I know there are strict loyalties among both of these brands but when it comes to viruses and such that should fall by the wayside to some degree.  Android is much like Windows in that its source code is pretty much available to any nuanced hacker. That is why Windows produces almost daily updates to fight off yet another hack.  Apple on the other hand protects their source code as seriously as Coke does their formula.  Without that info hacking into an Apple product is almost like trying to decipher a well designed passcode.

It surprised me that Android had almost 33 million malware infections last year and there seems to be no uproar?

Of Course Its Coming…

RiskyFrom taking tighter control over the health insurance market themselves to pushing decisions and costs down to individuals, businesses are experimenting with a host of new ways to offer health-care coverage, spurred in part by the launch of the Affordable Care Act, but also by the inexorable rise in the cost of medical care in the United States. The moves promise to change a social compact that has existed between employers and employees over health-care coverage for more than a half century.

SOURCE:  America’s ‘other’ health-care revolution – CSMonitor.com.

Of course changes are coming to employer based healthcare. In the same way that defined pension plans have totally evaporated in a twenty year period, healthcare paid by your employer will soon follow. And isn’t it convenient that the companies shedding a previously foundational obligation have something to blame it on. Obamacare.

The root cause of all the pushing expenses back on the employee comes when companies in the 1980s quit thinking of their employees as assets and instead saw them as liabilities. At first there was a trickle of companies who latched onto something called a 401k plan. The spin they used to drop their previous pension commitments to their employees what that they were giving them more “choices”. (I hated that term when it was going around🙂 )They proudly announced that each of us could now manage our own retirement finances. But in reality what it meant was that instead of putting $x into a pension plan for you they could give you $x/2 to the 401K and make it sound like they were doing you a favor. Unfortunately the trickle became a flood in the 1990s and as a result there are almost no fixed benefit plans in existence today.

Since ever-increasing profits and dividends are the fodder for huge CEO pay the employees, as usual, get the short end of the stick. I realize that almost all of us think we can do it better than those other guys when it comes to investing money. We  rationalize that we can somehow time our investment decisions to maximize gain. Even for the “experts” stock picking and timing have always been more gambling than anything else. The fact that a broadly structured index fund beats more than 90% of the stock pickers is a testimony to that fact.

I admit that most defined pension plans were probably pretty conservative in the portfolios so the profit rates were somewhat low. Everyone thinks they can do better but what happens to their “private pensions” when they don’t? I personally witnessed a co-worker’s 401K get decimated because he had almost 100% company stock in his portfolio. He convinced himself that was his road to riches. He was convince he could make big bucks by sticking to his “plan” but in reality he saw about 80% of his retirement savings evaporate over a six month period!

I know there are those out there that say “Its my money so I should be able to do whatever I want with it, and many do just that. But what happens when they lose or spend it all before retirement? That is similar to those who have no health insurance today. All the rest of us end up paying for their failures in one mode or another.

I Am Weird…..

FearI admit up front that for my generation It seems I am just weird. I am the first of the baby boomers and I am now officially a senior citizen. Being a senior citizen I am told by the media that:

  • I must fear change when in fact I embrace it.
  • I must fear the changing demographics when in fact I celebrate it.
  • I must fear immigrants when in fact I am more than happy to see them come.
  • I must fear the loss of morality when in fact I see much of that as someone else’ version of morality.
  • I must fear a lack of security when in fact I think our obsession for it causes more insecurity.

I guess I am just a weird person who doesn’t fit the mold society is trying to put me in. I continue to have at least some level of optimism about our ability to accept changes and to quit being so fearful about so much. 

Publicity Is The Oxygen Of Terrorism….

oxygenI’m not sure where I first heard the phrase in the title but it rings true to me in both our international and our political processes. When someone makes a very crude attempt to make a shoe bomb we immediately make it front page news and then spend billions of dollars to guard against it. It seems that by talking about terrorism so much we are actually causing much of it to happen.

When we give all the nuts out there their “15 minutes of fame” we are actually encouraging more to come forward.  When we give so much attention to some of our very seriously unbalanced congressional representative  we are actually increasing the chances that one of them will cause our country to reach critical mass of meltdown or even destruction.

Terrorism is 95% publicity and 5% actual action. We need to lighten up some and not be fixated by it.  There is no such thing as a typical terrorist other than someone trying to strike fear into us for one of a myriad of reasons. The motive for that fear can come from almost anything. What did Bin Ladin and Timothy McVeigh have in common besides having a warped sense of reality?

Given our 24/7 news channels now it would be hard to not make every one who decides to buy a gun and go out and shoot people the center of national attention. Being able to so easily obtain the weapon and then get so much attention when you use it  just makes acts of terrorism way too easy in today’s world. How do we go about making it harder?

  • One way would be to make it harder for someone to get a weapon. That of course is gun control and sadly it seems that not enough innocent lives have been lost yet to spur that action. Even the killing of dozens of five-year-olds are soon forgotten!
  • Another way is to quit sensationalizing the killing events. If the news media actually showed the bloody bodies and mayhem that the killer caused instead of focusing on the killer himself maybe others would not seek the fame in that way. Or at least we, as a general public, would be spurred to actually do something about the violence.
  • Of course another way would be to make it easier to spot those imbalanced people who create most of these terrorist’s acts. But how do you do that and still maintain personal liberties. That is a very difficult question to answer…

About Digital Privacy….

Digital Privacy

There is a lot of uproar lately about digital privacy. I am kind of on the fence about it. One the one hand I want our government to be able to track down those who would do harm to innocent people but on the other hand I don’t want the government to come after me because of some of the words on this blog or any other part of my life. I value my privacy and for the most part just want to be left alone.

Digital Privacy 2

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?


The automation of human labor is as old as the Industrial Revolution. From the steam engine and the cotton gin to the desktop computer and the robotic welder, machines have enabled leaps of efficiency that create far more jobs than they destroy. And yet many economists and technologists believe that things are different this time, that society is entering a new and troubling phase as computing power and other advances make possible the creation of ever-more-powerful robots. What if the economic growth of the future produces more jobs for more robots, leaving humans behind? What if we’re heading toward a future in which a handful of creative humans marshal an army of ever-more-intelligent machines while everyone else languishes? How does the world work without … work?….

“Computers (hardware, software, and networks) are only going to get more powerful and capable in the future, and have an ever-bigger impact on jobs, skills, and the economy. The root of our problems is not that we’re in a Great Recession, or a Great Stagnation, but rather that we are in the early throes of a Great Restructuring.

SOURCE:  Will Robots Take Our Jobs? – TIME.

The Industrial Revolution, which started well over a hundred years ago has always been about jobs disappearing and jobs being created. When the automobile came on the scene people who made buggy whips and carriages saw their jobs evaporate. When food supermarkets came on the scene in the 1950s many small speciality food places vanished.  Let’s just face it progress means some jobs disappear while others are created.

There are those who will adamantly fight such change. They will make it their life’s objective to fight against the inevitable turmoil that change causes. They will fight for the status quo. They just don’t like change. They will fight change in all its forms. As a result their lives are generally spent in anguish.

And then there are others who see change and embrace it. They see new opportunities instead of lost stability. Fortunately younger generations are more adaptable to change than older ones. I certainly recognize that many in my generation are the primary fighters against change.

The above quote is pretty negative in nature and that only re-enforces those who resist change. Even though most of the years of my life are behind me I still look at what is happening today as just a transition into a more fulfilling life for future generations. Yes, the totally mind boring hour-after-hour labor that was so easily obtained in my early work years is almost exclusively being taken over by robots. In order to find meaningful and adequate monetary employment will mean a paradigm shift for how we approach preparation for our working years in the future.

Yes, we are likely in the throes of a Great Restructuring. The end of the twenty-first century will likely be dramatically different as was the beginning of the twentieth century compared to now.

I will end this post with a verse from a song of one of my heroes in my college years. He seemed to be able to say things that no one else could. I will let you guess who that is.🙂

Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’.

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