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RJ Avatar 3Some of my major passions revolves around road trips, American History, photography, and blogging. They have all come together to form the heart of the InSearchOfAmerica category of this blog.

Do you want to visit places you have never been?

Do you want some ideas on where to visit for your next vacation?

Do you want to learn about our country by visiting our past?

This blog will do those things for you.

Over the past 25 years  I have taken many road trips with history in mind. I have actually traveled to all fifty States with my camera in hand.  This blog is all about the places I have visited and  the thousands of pictures I have taken across America.

Drop me a comment if you want more info or just to tell my you like the picture. I would love to hear from you and what you like about this blog.


In the past when I thought of Tulsa Oklahoma I mainly thought of cows and indians. After visiting there for the first time  recently I have changed that view. Now the first thing I think of is the Woody Guthrie Center and maybe secondly its architecture.   Compared to many it is a small city of about 400,000  and has a relatively short history but is rich in architectural detail. Oklahoma was where we pushed all the Native-American tribe that we wanted out of our way in our quest for “Manifest Destiny”. Happily there is a lot of Native-American heritage and history celebrated in Oklahoma.
Here are a few pictures that I took in my three hour walking tour around the city.

Click on any of the pictures above to see larger gallery views.

The YMCA building caught my attentions for it shear magnitude. I’m not sure if the plan is to salvage the building or tear it down.  I hope it is repurposed for other things…

New and Improved RJ’s Corner…


If you know me you know that I am one who embraces change and hate boredom. With both of those things itching at me I have spent the last week re-formatting my five blogs into one new one. It has been a tedious task but one I think is well worth the time. If you like it let me know please..

What do mass shootings and police killings have in common? America’s sick gun culture.

2015-08-03_07-24-58If we want to see police killings drop, no matter the victim, if we want to see an end to mass shootings (and Australia has proven that it’s possible to actually end them), we have no choice but to dismantle not only the laws but also the norms that make the protection of gun ownership a greater priority than the protection of human lives. A society that continues to flatly refuse to do so will continue to mourn tens of thousands of preventable deaths, every year. We will continue to carry the weight of tens of thousands of shattered families. We will continue to perpetuate an atmosphere in which police are trained to fear the people they’re meant to serve, and civilians know that fear is the best defense they have against the people they pay for protection.

SOURCE: What do mass shootings and police killings have in common? America’s sick gun culture..

QE BannerI just never seem to be able to wrap my mind around my country’s love of guns. Yes, I was a hunter in my early years but it was more of a necessity than a desire to use a weapon to kill.  It totally astounds me that there are more guns in this country than people. How did we get into this state?  How did we let the NRA wield so much power over our representatives in government both Republican and Democrat?


How About…

 Spouting Off… Being Loud But Not Being Obnoxious

One of the things I missed the most about my hiatus from RJ’s Corner is spouting off. It does the heart good to question everything and sometimes put forth a thought or two.  I plan on doing that rather frequently in the future here  on the new/improved blog so get used to it! 🙂

QE BannerI hear all the latest rumbling (as in ready to explode in a bout of diarrhea) about how the peace accord worked out with Iran is so worthless.  Some seem to think that our only solution to conflicts around the world is war. “Blow the bad guys away” is their mantra. Of course the loudest of these critics are the Republican presidential contenders and those in Congress.  I got an idea to turn that around.

MyScans167How about we send all the kids and grandkids of those folks off as the first line in the battle. Let’s make them put their loved ones lives on the line. I bet if that were a requirement the opposition to trying peace this time would quickly die out.  There is nothing like “skin in the game” to change people’s attitudes.

2015-02-08_08-42-25In the same light there are all those senior citizens out there that are so opposed to allowing  our citizens to obtain reasonably cost healthcare. How about taking all those folks off Medicare and let them fend for themselves in the cutthroat business pre-ADA.  I bring this idea up frequently when I get into it with them and have yet to have any of them accept my proposition.

I’m Back……..

Oklahoma History Center

The Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City is an impressive building on the capital grounds of the State government. Since I have Pawnee blood in my heritage I am always looking for info about that tribe. Of course they, like almost all native American tribes had a presence in OK.  Here is some info about that found in the center.

Nice Truck But….

I found this old truck in the WalMart parking lot a while ago. It really gave me a moment of joy. But…

Old Truck

When I looked in the back of the bed I found a hand-scrolled racist sign about our president it ruined the moment and cheapened the item it was attached to. I won’t show or repeat the sign here but I have found variations of it several different venues.  I tried to erase that sign and just enjoy the truck but it was difficult.  I recognize that I am in a very red State and there are a lot of older generation racists and bigots still around but these signs still give me a shudder when I see them.  How can someone hate someone else so much, let alone POTUS, the leader of our country?

I am into old trucks and the cable TV car shows lately. I can’t do that stuff anymore but still enjoy being able to do it through someone else. But then again I am currently still working on my micro-RV (uRV) which takes my 24 year old truck and furniture delivery cap and turns them into a single person RV with many bumper stickers and travel decals.

This was a nicely done rat rod and I am hoping that eventually my memory of that sign will disappear when I view the pic in the future…