I’m Dreaming about … Mountain Hiking…

Colorado Mtns.jpg

I took the picture above in 1977 when I hiked there with my best buddy. I don’t remember the name of the mountain but it is located in southwestern Colorado.  The mountain top lake shown here was at 12,000 feet so the breathing was hard even for the 31 year-old that I was. You could say the view was literally breathtaking!  This pic remains in the 5 star category in my Lightroom library. We camped there for three days before heading back down.


Eating To Live vs Living to Eat…

2016-03-24_10-18-44.pngMy wife seems to constantly have one “food” show or another on her TV during the day. I don’t sit down and watch any of them but I am exposed to them as I move from one room to another.  It is amazing to me how much money is spent concentrated on food, especially food that is not really good for us.

The last couple of years seem to be the “year of the cupcake” on cable TV.  There were so many shows about making them, eating them, and competitions of how to display them, it was insane to me.  Cupcakes are basically just sugar, flour, and fat in one form or another. I have never been much of a lover of sweets but still managed to gain more and more weight because of my sugar intake as the years have passed.

Eating to live is of course a very necessary thing. We human beings expend energy by just breathing and thinking. We need a constant energy source in order to replenish ourselves. Eating to live also means that we have to eat the right things in order to keep our bodies healthy. We need to make sure that we get enough vitamins and minerals in our diets.

Much of the world struggles with just getting enough to eat on a daily basis. And then there are those who live to eat.  They are so focused on food as to make it a major part of their attention.   They fixate on food. Some even spend hundreds of dollars for one sit down meal at a fancy restaurant and deem it well worth the price.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about enjoying what you eat. I have come to appreciated a good bowl of soup as a regular dinner item lately. Some of it is healthy and therefore good for me and some contains too much fat and not so good. But I figure if I keep a balance between the two everything will work out.  Balance, I am coming to discern in my elderly years is what life is all about.

The U.S. is becoming the “Obese” nation of the world. We all tend to eat much more than we really need. In that regards we are often the center of jokes by the rest of the world about our “supersized” portions.  We need to get over our living to eat mentality and put our minds to more noble things….🙂


Labeling Ourselves… Limiting Ourselves…

2016-03-24_09-43-37.pngI am going to use a quote from one of my favorite blogggers again. Labels on cans are indispensable. They tell up how much salt, fat, carbs are in the product.  Without them grocery shopping would be nearly impossible for some of us.  But labels for people, are generally a stifling thing but even then they sometimes they are necessary.

Most of us don’t like to be defined by others, but we’re still very adept at assigning labels to ourselves. I see labels as limits, as hard core definitions that you carry like an awkward badge of honor. It’s supposed to help – this knowing what you are and aren’t.

SOURCE:  Every Truth has a Qualifier | The Green Study.

I understand Green Study‘s  approach to this subject but I think it is even more than that.  I know I do my share of labeling people. I sometimes call the typical GOP conservative a greedy selfish fear-centered and change averse. I don’t intend to label everyone who pulls a Republican lever at the polls by this label but there a fair number that very well describes them.

Labeling others is a quick way to put a group of people into small boxes that we can then manage. If we label those who think more about the public good than themselves communists or liberal then we can dismiss their words before they come out of their mouths. If we label all Muslims as terrorists then we can justify keeping them out of our country. Labeling others is often done with prejudice and fear.

The labels we put on others is damaging but perhaps the labels we put on ourselves is even more so. I know a number of people who just have such a low a level of self confidence that they label themselves as being unable to learn. They don’t think they are smart enough to advance themselves in life. This is probably one of the most damaging labels a person can put on themselves.

Labeling yourself is not in itself a destructive thing. I proudly wear the self-labels: Empath, passionate, progressive, pragmatist, Red Letter Christian, dreamer, creative. They help me to remember what I deem as important in life. They define who I am.

I would love to be able to read this guy’s real ingredients

Like everything else in life labels are shades of grey, there is good and bad in them. But then again wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what a person is made up of by a label attached to them.  We could then quickly determine if their ingredients are what we desire. Maybe if we all had labels  to read before we got into a relationship with someone we could eventually get the divorce rate below 50%.  If our politicians came with labels maybe we could more successfully pick the right ones to do the job.

WTC 1999

WTC 1999-3.jpg

This picture of the WorldISOA Banner.png Trade Center was taken lying on my back looking up at that the steel and glass buildings.  We later had dinner at the Windows on the World restaurant  at the top of tower 1 that evening. It was the last time I visited there…